Duskus Announces New EP with Lead Single “Rising”

Photo Credit: Melissa Cowern

Duskus gives fans a sneak peek on what to expect from his upcoming summer EP with the lead single “Rising”!

The lush sound of Duskus has captivated the ears of listeners all over the globe. Tracks such as “Where To Go“, “I feel alive“, and “forever free” are all well over the million plays mark in Spotify, while Duskus himself shows no sign of slowing down. He recently released “Be There One More Time” with fellow labelmate Taska Black.

Now, this fresh artist is back on bitbird with yet another EP in the works called Rising, slated to release this summer. Duskus gives us a glimpse into the overall sound this EP will embody on the lead single “Rising” in which he displays a new type of sound for his music, but still incorporates the timeless style that fans have grown to love.

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The track starts off with beautiful, catchy vocals along with an infectious melody behind it and within the first 30 seconds, there’s no doubt you’ll be absolutely hooked in! The vocals evoke a wild range of emotions and this feeling is carried over into the drop along with a few bouncy synths in the drop that propel the song forward.

Duskus has created something you’ll be singing, on repeat, for weeks to come. Take a listen to Rising on Spotify or your favorite streaming service and let us know what your thoughts are on this tune in the comments below!

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“The inspiration behind this single for me was to try and create something unique, but still listenable. Something that people can enjoy and understand even though it’s something new. When working on this EP, a lot of my focus was more into sound design which is something new to me. I realized that the sound of something can actually evoke emotion, and I wanted to focus as much attention on this as I could.”


Duskus - Rising

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