Gravitas Recordings Revives Compilation Series with ‘Virtus in Sonus V’

Virtus in Sonus V

Gravitas Recordings, known for its creative and unconventional beats, has just released a 19-track compilation titled Virtus in Sonus V.

With festival season mostly canceled for 2020, now is an ideal time to explore all types of music and find something new. Austin, Texas-based label Gravitas Recordings has been turning heads in the scene since 2011, and they’ve just released the first installment in their Virtus in Sonus compilation series since 2016. Virtus in Sonus V features 19 diverse tracks that with emotional, energetic, and worldly sounds that create a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Gravitas Recordings has seen previous releases from artists like Space Jesus, Of The Trees, CloZee, Au5, Cofresi, and Bósa. If you’re looking for an interesting music journey with some bass, trap, hip-hop, house, and electronica influences, Virtus in Sonus V is a great opportunity to find some new artists and unique sounds.

What really sets Gravitas’ releases apart is the instrumentation and spiritual vibe many of the songs give off. This can especially be heard in tracks like and “Theogony” by BARDZ and “Spelunker” by Ransom. If you’re looking for more of a heavy bass feel, there’s plenty of songs to choose from like “Filthy as Eva” by Buzz Junior, “Illustrated” by Bamboo, “Monolith” by Sullust, and “Relic” by Deltanine and Sayzar. Wrapping up Virtus in Sonus V is “Find Your Way” by Drishti Beats and DAYZ, a smooth vocal track with memorable production.

The 19 songs feature a little bit of everything but all fit together seamlessly as a unified compilation. Virtus in Sonus V is worth a listen for all lovers of electronic music. It’s a peaceful, positive listening experience and a great showcasing of Gravitas Recordings’ sound.

Listen to Virtus in Sonus V by Gravitas Recordings below, download or stream it on all platforms, and keep scrolling for the full tracklist and a quote from the label’s founder.

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“Our Virtus In Sonus compilation has been a cornerstone for us since 2012. Each compilation marks a chapter in our history. Looking back, I smile when I see artists like CloZee, Space Jesus, Psymbionic, Of The Trees, Esseks, Mr. Bill, ZEE, and Govinda featured on these compilations. Our goal has always been to help artists share their music. Virtus In Sonus V gives you a peek into the upcoming artists that we’re excited about.”

Jesse Brede, Founder, Gravitas Recordings


  1. Lailoken, Benza – Saffron
  2. Illustrated – Bamboo
  3. Afterlyfe, Deva Carolina, HellyVybz – Better Plan (Azuki Remix)
  4. nok nok – Light It Up
  5. Willdabeast – Meh
  6. Lil Fish – Lotus
  7. Red Giant Project – All Gold
  8. BARDZ – Theogony
  9. B3K, Sink – I Stay Open
  10. Dorfex Bos, Patches O’Malley – Is It So
  11. Sullust – Monolith
  12. Comisar – Never Ever (feat. Reilly Comisar)
  13. RANSOM – Spelunker
  14. DELTAnine, Sayzar – Relic
  15. Buzz Junior – Filthy As Eva
  16. Father Beat – One Time
  17. LWKY, Jake Walker – Skysetter
  18. Shakti – Just Breathe
  19. Drishti Beats – Find Your Way (feat. DAYZ)

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