Red Bull Music Launches New Series on Collaborating in the Digital Age

Check Your DMs

Red Bull Music’s newest series, “Check Your DMs,” playfully explores the power of creating music collaboratively in the digital age.

Looking for a way to feel creatively inspired this Memorial Day Weekend? Red Bull Music has you covered with the launch of its newest digital series, Check Your DMs. Available on both the Red Bull Music YouTube Channel and Red Bull TV every Friday, this new show “uncovers what it means to collaborate in the digital age.”

Each episode features three artists, each from distinctly different genres and countries, have never met before and are tasked to create a hit track together entirely online. Episode 1, which aired on May 22, featured DJ Q, master of UK Garage, tofubeats, a Japanese beatmaker, and Gaidaa, a Dutch vocalist.

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Check Your DMs walks you through the entire creative process from start to finish.

The episode begins with the artist who begins the track and lets you see how the skeleton is initially conceived. We start with DJ Q, diving into a brainstorming session where he creates a UK Garage beat. He then sends the stems to the second artist to continue building the foundation, tofubeats, before going to the last artist for finishing touches, like Gaidaa’s vocals.

It’s almost impossible to watch the fun these artists have making music together without itching to make some music yourself. The playful spirit of the show is captured through production elements like its colorful palette and cute animated graphics. It’s really a delight to watch!

The series’ focus on opportunities for remote collaboration comes at a crucial time for creators.

With artists now severely limited in their ability to collaborate in person, Check Your DMs shows that collaborating remotely has its own power. It allows people of any background, anywhere in the world, to come together musically, and achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. This is an important message for the music community right now.

After all, is that not what music is about in the first place? Its ability to provide a common language to those seeking to connect? In this new series, Red Bull Music pushes us to erase the boundaries in our minds and bring it back to the pure joy of music.

Watch Check Your DMs Episode 1 with DJ Q, tofubeats, and Gaidaa:

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