Midnight Tyrannosaurus Gives Fans His ‘Secret Stash of VIPs’

Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Midnight Tyrannosaurus opens the vault and unleashes his Secret Stash of VIPs, four absolutely disgusting bass tracks you need to hear!

There are some names that become synonymous with certain genres instantaneously. In the case of bass producer Midnight Tyrannosaurus, this happened through years of crafting his undeniable sound and through his incredibly unique producer name. He’s known for his hard-hitting dubstep tunes that often incorporate peculiar vocal samples. He’s also known for taking it up a notch and releasing VIP versions of his tracks. Such is the case with his Secret Stash of VIPs EP that dropped on Never Say Die: Black Label.

Having been in the game for close to a decade, Midnight Tyrannosaurus was destined for fame. I mean, think about it, he had a recognizable name from the start. Pair that with some of the hardest dubstep you have heard and you got the recipe for success. He’s released on Never Say Die, Never Say Die: Black Label, Gud Vibrations, and his own label Midnight Snacks. And with tunes like “Planet Purge,” “Jurassic,” and “Brain Sludge” he has cemented himself amongst the dubstep greats.

Take a listen to Secret Stash of VIPs EP on Spotify or your favorite streaming service, read on for more insight, and let us know what your thoughts are on this tune in the comments below!

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus brought back some of his older hits and they are better than ever!

DJs make VIP versions of their releases to modify the original track and give fans a one-of-a-kind listening experience at shows. In the world of bass music, VIP versions generally go harder than the original as well, and Midnight Tyrannosaurus stayed true to that theme within this EP.

The Secret Stash of VIPs kicks off with a VIP version of “King Of The Deep“, a track originally released in 2017 on his From The Depths EP. The VIP version of this introduces an even crazier sound design that sounds like a swamp monster, living in the depths. It’s unbelievably filthy and is the perfect song to start this release off.

Midnight T went ahead and gave the VIP treatment to two tracks off of The Fossil, his debut Never Say Die: Black Label EP. “Mudmen! (VIP)” is a screechy monstrosity that is packed with heavy-hitting drums. The VIP version of “Rat Jazz” leaves little to be desired. While the intro and first few 8 bars of the drop are similar to the original, the next part of the song introduces chaos that only Midnight Tyrannosaurus can come up with.

Psychosis” was a 2018 Black Friday Vol. 17 cut that I instantly fell in love with when I first heard it. The original track is a heavy bass stomper, but this new and improved VIP version is out of this world. It’s a track that instantly makes me want to get up and headbang.

Finally, my favorite cut from this stash – “Shrapnel (Midnight Tyrannosaurus VIP)“. The original track is a collab effort between Akronym and Midnight T. This new VIP is filled with grotesque sounds and new vocal chops, completely flipping the original track on its head. You’ll need to take a shower after listening to this one!

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Secret Stash of VIPs EP – Tracklist:

  1. King of the Deep (VIP)
  2. Mudmen! (VIP)
  3. Psychosis (VIP)
  4. Rat Jazz (VIP)
  5. Shrapnel (Midnight Tyrannosaurus VIP)

Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Secret Stash EP

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