Above & Beyond Release Perfectly Timed Respray of “We’re All In This Together”

Above & Beyond concert We're All In This Together

Above & Beyond deliver uplifting vibes during the pandemic with today’s release of their respray of “We’re All In This Together.”

There is no other way to say it: for many people in the world right now, the last several weeks have been among the most difficult in our collective memory. In almost every country in every corner of our pale blue planet, people are experiencing extraordinary hardship, from the loss of a loved one to the struggle to make ends meet during the unprecedented shuttering of the economy – and it’s hard at times not to lose hope. Enter everyone’s favorite trio, Above & Beyond, with their brand new respray of “We’re All In This Together.”

In 2019, Anjunabeats stars Fatum, Genix, Jaytech, and Judah released the heart-rending “All In,” which spoke to many in the Anjunafamily and beyond as a pure expression of the shared bond we feel as humans, no matter where we are from or where we might call home. Above & Beyond have taken the original and smoothed out the edges with dark, grounding synths, sweeping strings, and sublime instrumentals to deliver a message of community, love, and immeasurable hope… exactly when we needed it most.

In a tribute to their fans, Above & Beyond also created a music video to accompany the release, which features special appearances from a number of Anjunafamily members on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. They are joined by some of our favorite Anjuna stars sharing inspirational messages and reminders to care for one another. In a time fraught with hardship, it’s a nice reminder that, truly, none of us are alone.

Check out the new music video below, and read on for more information about the release and a special “We’re All In This Together” Anjuna playlist compiled by the EDM Identity team.

Watch the video for “We’re All In This Together” (Above & Beyond Respray):

On last week’s ABGT, Paavo shared some thoughts on the updated track and the current situation:

“Well in times like this, we hope plenty of you are finding some comfort in music and the community we share around it. I hear that in conversations at Anjuna HQ the idea that we’re all in this together has come up so many times. Last year, Fatum, Genix, Jaytech, and Judah celebrated the idea with their track “All IN” and we thought it was a good time to remind you of all that.

On Tuesday, we’ll be releasing the Above & Beyond respray of “All In” with a music video with the help of you guys, and all the proceeds from the track will be going to the now more important than ever World Health Organization’s fight against the current situation. This is tonight’s record of the week… and we’re all in this together.”

No matter where you are in the world right now, we hope you can find a little joy in this fantastic new tune and the amazing community that surrounds the Anjunafamily. Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to look after each other.

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