Duke Dumont Explores Deep ‘Duality’ Effortlessly on Debut Album

Duke Dumont - Duality - Album Review

Duke Dumont has arrived to snatch our hearts and souls with his sensational debut album Duality. And trust us, this one was worth the wait.

Duke Dumont is a gem. His talent is indescribable and his music makes an impact. Whether it’s an anthem that makes you want to vogue until exhaustion or a track that pulls at your heartstrings with a captivating melodic flow. We know what Duke Dumont brings to the table and now he’s delivered his debut album, Duality.

Over the years, Duke Dumont has established a solid reputation in the community and he worked his bum off to make that happen. In fact, from the moment I heard “The Giver” on the radio in Las Vegas before EDC in 2015, I was instantly hooked. Fast forward to the first time seeing him live at the festival in 2017, then Escape: Psycho Circus later that year, then Hard Summer and Escape (again) in 2019—I’ve watched him created a magical experience with every set.

It’s evident that creating music is his passion and he’s fully invested in creating music that will live on for decades to come. Many Duke Dumont stans have patiently waited years for him to release an album and today is the day that we get Duality, an album compiled of ten epic tracks. A library of music that we desperately need right now in these trying times.

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Duke Dumont – Duality on Spotify:

The album kicks off with “Therapy,” a soulful tune that will ignite a fire in your spirit. 

Dumont released this track back in March and it’s truly stunning. The soulful vocals insert life, a pulse if you will into the song. The melody is electric, the lyrics make a statement, and it’s a powerful melodic house track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Therapy” is the beginning of the spiritual journey that awaits in Duality, we’re just scratching the surface for what’s in store.

“Obey” is what the doctor ordered, it’s the perfect dose of fierce medicine. If you need a boost or pick me up, this will be your jam.

Strike a pose because it’s time to put in work, honey. Bring your alter ego out and get ready to work the dancefloor or your living room because “Obey” featuring Roland Clark is the club anthem you need. It’s a track packed with high intensity and energy. It’s reminiscent of “Red Light Green Light” and “Runway.” If you know, you know how iconic those two tracks are by Dumont.

“Obey” delivers and shows out. The vocals steal the show. You can feel the confidence in Roland Clark’s voice. You can feel the power. The build-ups are magnetic and the breakdown is wild. It’s addicting. It sucks you in. Most importantly, it makes you want to dance.

Dumont slows the pace down with “The Fear,” and gets candid about a toxic relationship.

We all have our fears. It’s human nature. In “The Fear” featuring Niia, Dumont personifies fear as a lover. Someone who makes us all weak. Someone we can’t seem to let go. Someone that we always run back to and give power. But the chorus flips the script as Niia sings “I’m in love with fear, but you will never hold me,” and I felt that. The guitar flows beautifully with the melody and Niia smashed the vocals. Her voice is effortless, it’s smooth, and it’s soothing. Her voice makes our relationship with fear a little bit easier to face and digest.

“Nightcrawler” bursts with sensuality and simplicity.

Dumont gets sultry and retro on “Nightcrawler” featuring Say Lou Lou. Besides the seductive vocals of Say Lou Lou completely smashing the song, the vibe is laidback and sensual. The strings are apparent and you can hear the guitar and bass keeping the melody distilled and chill. The song is actually quite addicting the more you listen to it, and it possesses elements of the signature Dumont sound. 

The arrangement of live instruments in “Together” will give you goosebumps.

Honestly, “Together” featuring How To Dress Well takes home the gold. This song continues to blow me away. First off, the lyrics are absolutely beautiful and much needed right now. “Together we can ease the pain, together guided through the darkness, together love can find a way.” Let’s pause for a second and grip our chest in satisfaction. But wait, there’s more.

The seamless vocal harmonies of How To Dress Well are stunning and his high-pitched singing works insanely well. He serenades us the entire time. As I listened to the song, I felt safe. Crazy, but it’s true. For a good chunk of the track, the melody is slow but it gradually makes its presence known. As it builds, there’s a moment of straight bliss before the real magic kicks off.

The percussion arrangement in “Together” is insane. The drums, the cymbals, the piano, skyrocket the song to another universe. It’s truly something special. You can feel the passion. You can feel the emotions. You can feel everything and that’s the powerful thing about music. “Together” is the perfect representation of all the above. Bravo.

“Love Song,” “Overture,” and “Let Me Go” are the Holy Trinity of Duality.

The final portion of Duality is enchanting. You can tell that Dumont put a lot of thought into the order of the album. The first half of the album is the start of a soul-searching journey. A shift occurs in “Together” where it feels like the album is having an epiphany. Then we’re pushed into the phase of enlightenment. “Love Song” and “Let Me Go” featuring RY X feels like the moment of clarity and realization in Duality. There’s a sense of self-awareness and confidence. The album ends in a calm, peaceful, and hopeful manner. It’s truly remarkable.

In closing, Duality is a full-on amazing experience.

Do not skip around the album. I suggest listening from start to finish so you can hear the story and feel embark on a spiritual journey. The artistry invested in the album is simply impressive and I haven’t connected with an album this deeply in a long time. Duality will be one of my top albums for 2020, hands down. This album has a voice and it’s a powerful one. Adam George Dyment, congratulations on this massive accomplishment. You should be proud because this is one hell of an album.

Duke Dumont – Duality – Tracklist:

  1. Therapy – (3:40)
  2. The Power (feat. Zak Abel) – (3:17)
  3. Obey (feat. Roland Clark) – (2:58)
  4. The Fear (feat. Niia) – (4:08)
  5. Nightcrawler (feat. Say Lou Lou) – (3:17)
  6. Ocean Drive (3:26)
  7. Together (feat. How To Dress Well) – (3:24)
  8. Love Song – (5:48)
  9. Overture – (0:58)
  10. Let Me Go (feat. RY X) – (6:06)

Duke Dumont - Duality - Album Cover

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