Gabriel & Dresden Release ‘REMEDY: A Pilgrimage’ Video Companion

Gabriel and Dresden - REMEDY: A Pilgramage

As if the marathon “Club Quarantine” livestreams weren’t enough, we now have REMEDY: A Pilgrimage from Gabriel & Dresden to soothe our souls.

Any self-respecting Gabriel & Dresden fan is well aware of the duo’s efforts to keep us all sane during social distancing. They’ve been live streaming “Club Quarantine” marathon sets on their Twitch channel each and every night. Dave gets much of the due credit for being on the decks as long as 10.5 hours one night, always with his trance hands high in the air. Behind the scenes, Josh is finding hundreds of tracks a day to share with Dave. There’s hardly been a repeat track so far and they’ve played about 36 hours of music to date. Impressive!

Before the world was on lockdown, Josh and vocalist Brittany O’Neal (a.k.a. Sub Teal) had an idea to do an ode to nature video project. This comes as no surprise to anyone that follows their social media – they are Pacific Northwesterners at heart and are most at home in nature. As the idea grew into something real, Dave took on the tireless challenge of becoming a location scout. And then they needed a way to actually make their vision a reality.

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Aspirations for this project outgrew the capabilities of Josh, Dave, and Brittany – so Anjuna gladly got involved.

In what Josh describes as practically a conversation in passing, their Anjuna label offered to produce the project. This was the missing piece of the puzzle that Josh envisioned and he now knew the project would come to completion as REMEDY: A Pilgrimage. Chatting with Josh about this moment, he said:

“While Britt and I came up with this great idea, we realized we didn’t have right skills to make it happen. Thanks to Anjuna, we’re able to get a budget and work with a talented director of photography, Michael Victor. Since we shot in a rainforest in September, weather was an issue. Dave would sometimes drive to three locations in a day before we could find a place to shoot. We used vintage lenses, a RED camera and rendered in 4K. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

REMEDY: A Pilgrimage takes place within a two-hour driving radius in Washington State, yet covers four specifically unique settings.

Attempting to capture the breadth of nature in such a small radius, segments of the video are shot at the beach, a waterfall, a dark forest, and a mountaintop. Watch for a particularly memorable scene that Josh refers to as “darkness into light.” That scene was shot over six hours in a pitch-black forest with three lights and a generator. The lengths producers will go through to capture just the right result can be astonishing!

Be sure to watch the video through to the end. The only written or spoken words throughout are two lines of text in the final moments to bring it all home. I won’t spoil the moment; you’ll need to see it for yourself! Then stay tuned in for a few outtakes as well.

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