JAUZ Shines in LA as New Stage Production Lifts Him Higher (Literally!)

JAUZ Dangerous Waters Tour at The Shrine 2020
Photo Credit: Alex Varsa

JAUZ drew thousands of fans to the Shrine Expo Hall to witness his most dynamic stage design to date on the Dangerous Waters tour.

Just outside of downtown Los Angeles, JAUZ (real name Sam Vogel) took the stage to perform in front of thousands of his impassioned fans at The Shrine Expo Hall for a night filled with amazing music and production. Part of his Dangerous Waters tour, which is currently making the rounds nationwide and celebrates his recent EP of the same name, this show was one that will stick in the memories of many for some time to come. 

Without a doubt, JAUZ threw the best party possible when stopping through the City of Angels. He’s a master mixer with an expert feel for throwing the right type of track at the right moment to keep the flames blazing. There wasn’t a lull at any point in the set thanks to his near-perfect track selection and invigorating stage design. But the energetic night really began with the openers…

To start, TYNAN and Drezo got the room warm as each delivered their own style of beats for their slot.

Rising star TYNAN took to the decks first, churning out bass galore before switching the tempo over to thicker trap songs. He also brought out Rouxx to perform the live vocals for their track “Interdimensional” who really left a lasting impression.

Next up was Drezo, who has developed a clear identity as a dark and gritty force in the dance music realm. His set started at a more midtempo pace until he turned the BPM up to transition into his arsenal of bass house originals like “Heaven” and “Malice.”

JAUZ Dangerous Waters Tour at The Shrine 2020
Photo Credit: Alex Varsa

Following the openers and a small changeover period, The Fin stage unveiled itself in all its glory.

One of the focal points of the Dangerous Waters tour is his innovative stage design: The Fin. The moving stage piece stood about ten feet tall, shaped like a great white shark fin. Throughout JAUZ’s set, the center fin spun 180 degrees in each direction to reveal JAUZ and another LED wall screen on the other side of it.

On each side of the decks and the center fin, two colossal vertical LED screens stood to flaunt visuals. Lasers, rows of lighting, pyro, and blinders decorated the venue with an array of vibrant colors to complete The Dangerous Waters tour experience.

The main deck where JAUZ performed raised up and down throughout the set, giving him a sweet vantage point of the crowd. He debuted the shifting platform stage concept at Coachella last year and thankful that he incorporated the idea into this tour. It’s another uncommon detail that showcases his commitment to pushing the envelope forward for the live dance music experience.

JAUZ Dangerous Waters Tour at The Shrine 2020
Photo Credit: Alex Varsa

For JAUZ’s headlining set, he mixed in everything from his earliest works to his more recent tracks from The Wise and The Wicked and Dangerous Waters.

Early on in the set, JAUZ threw in a healthy amount of mash-ups and edits, notably a “Keep The Rave Alive” and “Aerodynamic” mash-up and a specialty bass edit of “Griztronics.” He also sprinkled some dubstep between the bass house, dropping popular anthems like “Move Back.”

Towards the middle of the set, he mixed in  “Acid or Techno” from his 2018 album The Wise and The Wicked before mixing a mini techno medley before turning it back to some more bass house. He also dropped a handful of brand new tracks, including a house remix of Roddy Rich’s “The Box” which we are hoping gets dropped real soon.

Finally, towards the final minutes of the set, JAUZ saved the best for the last, dropping his remix of “PLUR Police” as well as his serene “Timeless” remix. The entire set conquered so much ground in the time he played, drawing in a variety of genres and busting out his latest hits while honoring his earlier music.

JAUZ Dangerous Waters Tour at The Shrine 2020
Photo Credit: Alex Varsa

JAUZ ended the glorious night by taking a group photo with his family and two dogs.

It’s clear that Los Angeles is a special place for JAUZ. He took to the mic to credit some of his milestones to LA, saying “I do what I do today because of Los Angeles.” On top of that, he mentioned that headlining the historic Shrine Expo Hall is a dream of his and now he can say he’s headlined a sold-out show there.

The Dangerous Waters tour is far from over, with a number of shows remaining throughout the country. The show was an all-around thrill, so if you know you are in a city near JAUZ’s next show for the tour, snag some tickets if you can.

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