Mark Reeve Goes the ‘Distance’ with Four-Track EP on Drumcode

Mark Reeve

Mark Reeve returns to his Drumcode home and serves up unrelenting thrills and chills with a fresh, four-track EP called Distance!

Mark Reeve is a name that is synonymous with the Drumcode brand. With his debut single on the imprint, “Drumatics,” hitting the airwaves back in 2012 he would hit the ground running and set the stage for a massive showing of techno strength. Fast forward to 2020 and Mark Reeve has unleashed yet another massive EP in the form of Distance and from the sounds of it, he has delivered another knockout punch!

Over the past few decades, Mark Reeve has become an indispensable part of the techno scene who continues to stretch his creative prowess. At the age of 12 he would take some time to mold his own sound and by 16 he was becoming a regular figure in the club scene. That was all before moving to Germany and garnering the attention of industry elite such as Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth.

Mark Reeve has always had the techno thump running through his veins and today we get to celebrate with four brilliant new tracks from the maestro. Purchase or stream Distance on your favorite music platform, check out the EP below and read on for my take on all the highlights!

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Allow the chug of the techno bassline to wake you out of your winter slumber as Mark Reeve bids us to dance.

“Distance” is up first and as the title track, I expect the fire to come pummeling through my speakers. I can certainly say that Mark Reeve does not disappoint. There are some incredibly crunchy synth lines that I just can’t get enough of and through and through this track has enough power behind it to light up a city. It is a track meant for the darkest of souls, weaving us in and out of our conscious state with an all familiar Drumcode inspired chugging bassline and some really cool melodic accents.

In the second slot, we have “Serum,” a track that has been tried and tested by Adam Beyer himself. Picking up where “Distance” left off, we find that the tempo remains consistent and intense. But, for this go-round, we begin to climb too far off horizons, and as I close my eyes I feel like I am flying through the deepest crevices of the universe.

Full of mystery and enchantment, there is almost a demonic presence that lingers through the soundwaves. The perfect representation of techno in its darkest form. I am obsessed with the billowing sound detail and sparkling melodics that make this track truly pop.

Moving on to the latter half of the EP, Mark Reeve throws all caution to the wind and dives into some serious body-rocking insanity!

From the moment the first beat hit my eardrums I became fixated on “Fix Me.” One of my favorite things about this track is the playful and aesthetically pleasing sound of the kick. As the crisp focal point of this track, it is the kick that will inspire each and every dance floor soul to move in ways that would make your parents blush. On top of that, it is the domineering ebb and flow of the melody that keeps me locked in for the duration, swelling and pulling back at all the right moments.

Then, Mark rounds out our musical expedition with “Filmwave”, bringing the house down with an insatiable groove meant for the twilight hours.

“Filmwave” is everything from sultry, soulful, emotionally heavy, and intensely deep. It is a true underground offering meant to take very seriously and I find that this track places me in a pocket of hypnotic ferocity that inspires visions of sweaty bodies and late-night debauchery. A true diamond in the rough. All in all, I think it is safe to say that this EP is full of dance floor gems that we can expect to hear in many setlists going forward!

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  1. Distance
  2. Serum
  3. Fix Me
  4. Filmwave

Mark Reeve Distance EP

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