Andrew Rayel Celebrates 200 Episodes of Find Your Harmony with New Anthem

Andrew Rayel - Light Side of The Harmony - FYH 200
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Andrew Rayel released a new track “Light Side Of The Harmony” to celebrate 200 episodes of his weekly radio show Find Your Harmony. 

Back in June 2014, Andrew Rayel released the first episode of his weekly radio show Find Your Harmony, following the release of his epic debut album of the same name. For the past six years, he’s remained consistent and dedicated to putting out weekly releases for trance lovers around the world.

Now, he’s about to hit a major milestone with episode 200 of Find Your Harmony. To honor this massive achievement, Rayel released “Light Side Of The Harmony,” a new anthem in his arsenal of epic tunes. The track opens with a powerful speech about the choices we have to make as people and the narrator ends her message with a question, “choose your side: dark or light?” 

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As the track begins to build, it’s clear the song is devoted to capturing the battle between two worlds – dark and light. It’s something that we all face and it’s very Star Wars of  Rayel to bring to the track. Towards the middle, it puts the struggle at the center and forces the listener to make a choice with a beautiful drop to ease out the tension.

Take a listen to “Light Side Of The Harmony” below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and let us know if you tune in to his show!

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Andrew Rayel created a beautiful song to acknowledge a celebratory moment in his life.

Speaking about the milestone edition of the show, he stated that this moment “reflects on the wisdom and the success someone has had throughout that time,” He went on to say, “To me, 200 episodes of Find Your Harmony is a reminder of what an amazing journey it has been and how time has flown by.” Above all, he dedicates this moment to “all my amazing fans.” This is one for you. Congratulations Andrew Rayel!

Listen to past episodes of Andrew Rayel’s Find Your Harmony on SoundCloud and make sure you subscribe for his monumental 200th episode that’s coming up soon!

Andrew Rayel - Light Side of The Harmony - Find Your Harmony

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