Ganja White Night Bring the Wobble on ‘The One’

Ganja White Night

Belgian duo Ganja White Night brings the wobble on The One, featuring 13 new tracks and collaborations with some heavy-hitters in bass music!

Fans of Ganja White Night have waited patiently for a new full-length album since the release of The Origins back in 2018, and now, the wait is finally over. The Belgian duo consisting of Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson finally dropped their much-anticipated album The One on their imprint Subcarbon Records with features from heavyweights like Apashe, Boogie T, and Caspa that are sure to put bass fans on notice.

The One is a true testament to how much Bamby and Erwan have grown as artists in the past three years while showcasing their trademark “wobble” sound in a whole new light. Listeners get the deep, grooving bass that they’ve come to love from the boys while they stretch the limits of bass music to deliver an absolutely transcendent album.

Check out Ganja White Night’s The One on Spotify below, download or stream it on your preferred streaming service, and read on for my take on this massive album!

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Ganja White Night kicks the album off with the title track, “The One”.

“The One” is, in many ways, the perfect opener for this album. The straightforward but deep groove gives us just a small taste of the duo’s production ability, and the soft, staccato synths paired with the wobbly bass gives this track a super nice duality that perfectly sets the scene for what’s to come.

If you’ve attended a Ganja White Night show in the past year, chances are high that you’ve heard “Mr. Wobble Drop Killa” boom through the speakers. The track opens with what sounds like a high-pitched string instrument that gives way to a driving beat and some absolutely gnarly basslines. It was well worth the wait to hear this in its full glory, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it in a live setting moving forward as well.

The next track, “Dirty Girl.” begins with an intro that’s reminiscent of some adult films from back in the day. But the real reason this track is dirty is because of the drop will make you keep your bass face on the entire time. One of the strongest examples of their wobble bass sound, Bamby and Erwan keep the groove super tight on this one that will have your head bopping back and forth without you even realizing it.

“Sunset Sherbert” pulls back the tempo but doesn’t miss a step when it comes to the groove.

The buildup and pre-drop are particularly strong on this track. The buildup has the feel of a grand fanfare and the stretch-triplet lead-in to the drop allows the bass to hit even harder. This one is a strong contender for my favorite track on the whole album as it embodies the whole Ganja White Night vibe: laid back, but heavy.

The boys brought back Caspa for this album, and after some intense brainstorming sessions gave us the awesome track that is “Mr. Fix It”.

Another staple of recent Ganja White Night sets, the track is nothing less than what we’ve come to expect from the two bass stars. Visual artist Ebo provides some astounding visuals on this one, bringing back the popular Mr. Wobble character for another album.

“Chernobyl” starts off slowly but has almost an ominous feel to it, like something big is about to happen.

The buildup introduces some machine-like bass, and then suddenly everything breaks loose. It’s a heavy track complete with masterful bass design that shows why Ganja White Night has developed the reputation they have. The same can be said for “Gravity”, a song with more downtempo influence but turns heads with a beautiful intro and an exceptionally heavy drop. Ganja White Night continues that they can keep the groove no matter the tempo here.

“Double Dream”, the longest track on the album, is akin to a double feature.

The beginning features an airy synth that relaxes and puts the mind at ease, like a nice dream. As soon as the drop hits, however, the bass overtakes the track with deep rhythmic lyrics that give the impression of a nightmare. The length of the song gives Bamby and Erwan plenty of room to stretch out, as they play with the tempo and incorporate tons of different bass and treble channels. Another exceptionally strong track from the boys.

“Durban Poison” features a nice balance of high treble and low bass, which has become something of a trademark for Ganja White Night on this album. The duo’s ability to masterfully produce the two is admirable, and it’s fully on display with the variety of sound on display in this track.

The second of three collaborations, “Flute Chillum” features bass wunderkind and fellow Belgian artist Apashe.

The track builds tension with lots of punchy bass and a very nice flute line over the top. I’m a big fan of the use of silence and singular sounds in this piece, it gives the piece a lot of tension that really helps to drive it. Ebo also developed visuals for this one, featuring a dog-like creature that’s constantly on the run.

Another familiar name pops up on the list of tracks on the album as “Up” features Boogie T.

Building off “Reminisce” from The Origins and crowd favorite “Flava,” it was great to see them team up with Boogie T on this tune. It’s always fun when these three get together, and “Up” is no exception. The infectious vocals should have everyone singing along on tour, and I hope the boys bring out Boogie to accompany them whenever they play this one live.

“Girl Scout Cookies” is a track that’s sure to turn heads as it’s the first time Ganja White Night has released a drum and bass track. After disclosing their passion with a secret DnB set at Infrasound 2019, it’s really awesome to see them break barriers with their sound. As a DnB fan, this one was a favorite of mine!

The duo closes out the album with a budding crowd favorite in “Dark Heart Surgery”.

Fans have really seemed to love “Dark Heart Surgery” since its introduction in the promotional mix and I have been digging the song as well. It’s a great way to close the album as it’s upbeat and will undoubtedly keep fans wanting more. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the next album.

I already enjoyed the music coming from Ganja White Night for some and as a fan The One really hit the mark for me.

This album is exemplary when it comes to the brand of bass music that their fans have come to adore over the years and only solidifies them as heavy hitters in the bass scene. This duo should be on everyone’s must-watch list entering 2020 and we can’t see what’s in store from them in the future!

Ganja White Night – The One – Tracklist:

  1. The One – 3:05
  2. Mr. Wobble Drop Killa – 4:50
  3. Dirty Girl – 5:00
  4. Sunset Sherbert – 5:35
  5. Chernobyl – 4:57
  6. Gravity – 5:26
  7. Mr. Fix It (with Caspa) – 3:48
  8. Double Dream – 6:20
  9. Flute Chillum (with Apashe) – 4:20
  10. Durban Poison – 5:10
  11. Up (With Boogie T) – 4:47
  12. Girl Scout Cookies – 5:08
  13. Dark Heart Surgery – 4:47

The One Album Cover

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