Sian’s second offering on mau5trap, Ultraviolet 2.0, is once again full of interesting sounds and dark, bass-heavy, genre-bending midtempo music.

Earlier this year, underground techno mainstay Sian released Ultraviolet 1.0 on mau5trap. Consisting of six tracks full of his well-known dark and sci-fi oriented music, the EP was a new foray into a different style after becoming well-known for techno releases on his imprint Octopus Records. Blending techno, electro, and more into an irresistible midtempo sound, Sian has now blown us away once again with his follow up, Ultraviolet 2.0.

Listen to Ultraviolet 2.0 below, stream and purchase it on all platforms, and read on for a breakdown of each track!

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With every track clocking in at 107 BPM, brace yourselves for a midtempo adventure with a heavy dose of influence from Gesaffelstein. 

The first song, “Planets”, is out of this world. With a spacey, extraterrestrial feel, the track wastes no time and kicks the EP off with a powerful kick drum and heavy bassline. The arrangement continues with several new sonic elements and breakdowns to keep things interesting. At times feeling a bit progressive, Sian clearly took inspiration from all kinds of genres for this one and the result will definitely have you wanting more.

Next comes “Opium”, which continues the dark and spooky vibe from the prior track.

Once again starting with a nasty bassline and squeaky clean techno kick drum, this one pulls you in right away. When the drop hits on “Opium”, Sian combines hi-hats, gritty basslines, and other sound effects in a truly flawless fashion.

The last track, “Nitro”, is easily my favorite and is simply unlike anything else I’ve ever heard.

The basslines are still there, but the main focus in “Nitro” is a heavy, disgusting dubstep growl. Hearing this one for the first time blew my mind, and I’m completely obsessed with the sound selection Sian shows off on “Nitro”. With deep bass and sounds that constantly build tension, there’s several breakdowns and buildups placed perfectly throughout the track, all returning to the original motif of that addicting, genre-bending growl.

These tracks are incredible, and Ultraviolet 2.0 is exactly what I want to hear when it comes to midtempo music.

Combining the pioneering sound of Gesaffelstein with a vibe that artists like Rezz and BlackGummy have perfected, Sian makes it clear on Ultraviolet 2.0 that his music has no boundaries. His decorated techno background and willingness to think outside of the box result in a truly impressive EP.

Before appearing on mau5trap’s stage at EDC Las Vegas earlier this year, Sian revealed to us in an interview that he has three records planned with the label in 2019. With Ultraviolet 3.0 on the horizon, we can’t wait to hear what else Sian is cooking up in the studio for us. Until then, we’ll be listening to the first two Ultraviolet EPs on repeat, and keeping an eye on his socials below for news on the next installment!

Sian – Ultraviolet 2.0 – Tracklist:

  1. Planets
  2. Opium
  3. Nitro

Sian - Ultraviolet 2.0

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