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Alison Wonderland searches for “Peace” with a haunting new track and accompanying music video that paints a bittersweet picture of heartbreak. 

Following her trap-heavy release “Lost My Mind” with Dillon Francis earlier this year, Alison Wonderland returns today with a haunting new track dubbed “Peace” along with an accompanying music video. Much like her music, the track and music video fluctuate between light and dark, toying with the feelings of restraint one often feels when they’re trying (and failing) to recover from heartbreak.

As far as Alison Wonderland songs go, “Peace” is definitely on the lighter end of her musical spectrum, resulting in a breezier and on the surface, cheerier track. After paying closer attention to Wonderland’s own vocals, however, a darker story is revealed to the listener of losing someone and the struggle of moving on.

Produced by Jake Kasheta and created by CA-based duo Cue the Bird, the accompanying music video for “Peace” is an excellent pairing for the bittersweet track. Starring Wonderland, the video fluctuates between light and dark version of herself. The dark Wonderland is seen trapped in a room that just emanates creepy dungeon vibes, restrained and covered in a slimy black substance. We can only assume that the light Wonderland, appropriately dressed in all white surrounded by a gauzy, ethereal backdrop, has succeeded in moving on, while the dark Wonderland is still plagued by the person she sings of.

Of course, this notion of being haunted by an ex and the struggle of moving on is something that almost everyone is familiar with. We all hope to someday escape the dark, slime-covered dungeon and finally allow ourselves to let go and celebrate freedom with light Wonderland. Just as the video shows, though, it’s not so easy and even she hasn’t escaped the clutches of heartbreak 100 percent, as depicted by a rather unsettling slime-covered hand grabbing her towards the end of the video.

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