Relentless Beats Releases Collaborative Decadence AZ After Movie

Decadence AZ 2018 Lasers
Photo Credit: Sincerity Photos

Decadence AZ boasted of a massive lineup to close out 2018, and three video editors came together to commemorate the event with a stunner of an after movie. 

Relentless Beats has been tirelessly at work transforming the electronic music scene in Arizona and last year’s highlights included the return of Goldrush, a new permanent home and venue for Phoenix Lights, and Decadence AZ‘s largest production to date. Although Decadence AZ had some logistical issues for their more than doubled size, it was a diverse and solid musical experience.

The Relentless Beats team has truly earned their right to celebrate the vast accomplishments over this past year. To help them with this celebration they partnered with Thrill Wave Productions, a Phoenix based video production company, to capture and transport fans back in time to Decadence AZ.

Their unique approach brought three different video editors together. Each one sharing their own unique perspective and blending them together into a single cohesive story. Leveraging music from artists that performed at the festival each editor was able to share their own unique space visually. One of the editors, Javier Mejiava, stated, “I just really wanted to help the fan relive the moment and if you weren’t part of it, the desire will be there for the next year. I also wanted to create the feeling that you’ll want to keep pressing replay and going back.”

The first part of the video is packed with high energy and exposition into the event. About a third of the way into the movie the song transitions and the display creates a juxtaposition of emotion. The video slows down and captures moments of warmth and depth showcasing the attendee’s connection to the music. Finally, the last part of the movie is controlled chaos. Highlighting the massive attendance and almost every production detail.

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