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Immersive producer Amon Tobin offers a glimpse into the future with the announcement of his upcoming album and new label Nomark!

Amon Tobin, the Brazilian-born producer behind albums ISAM, Permutation, and Foley Room returns with his first album in eight years.  Known for his organic use of sound and unusual production methods, Tobin is a rare breed of electronic music producer: part electronic wizard and part classical scoring conductor.  Aside from his artist albums, he produced the soundtracks for video games like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Infamous.

Now attention turns on his latest album, Fear in a Handful of Dust. Due to release on April 26, the album looks to again blur the lines of cinema and electronic music and serves as the debut for his new label Nomark.  With the announcement of the album, the first single has also been released, immediately available for those who pre-order. The track, titled “On a Hilltop Sat the Moon,” provides an atmospheric glimpse into the diverse soundscape of Amon Tobin’s production style.  Mysteriously dark and haunting, the track warps the space within towards reflection and tingles.

Ready to grab your copy of the album? Click here to grab it on Bandcamp, read on for some extra insight, and listen to “On a Hilltop Sat the Moon” below!

Take a listen to Amon Tobin’s “On a Hilltop Sat the Moon” on YouTube below:

Examining who Amon Tobin is and how his creativity reshapes the industry.

It is no secret Amon Tobin quietly faded from the electronic music world after the smashing success of his creative work ISAM in 2011.  ISAM spawned one of the most immersive stage designs back in 2012 when it debuted large scale 3D mapping technology.

While “holograms” and 3D mapping have come a long way in the last decade, Amon’s massive scale and unique take on performance was one you wouldn’t want to miss.  Check out his ISAM 2.0 performance from Outside Lands in 2015 on YouTube for a taste.

So what can we expect for Fear in a Handful of Dust?

Admittedly we do not know. Amon’s creative works are some of the most organic collections of electronic music, and he crafts his sounds so flawlessly we never know what strength each track will showcase.  What we do know is that the album is ten tracks in length and will undoubtedly be a sonic adventure. It releases on Amon Tobin’s new creative outlet, NOMARK, and will stand as the next checkpoint in a twenty-year career.

Amon Tobin - Fear in a Handful of Dust Cover
Amon Tobin’s Fear in a Handful of Dust Tracklist:
  1. On a Hilltop Sat the Moon
  2. Vipers Follow You
  3. Freeformed
  4. Pale Forms Run By
  5. Heart of the Sun
  6. Velvet Owl
  7. Fooling Alright
  8. Milk Millionaire
  9. Three Different Hat Sizes

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