Drift Away ‘Into Clouds’ with Luttrell’s Debut LP


Having already left a lasting impression with his previous releases and stunning sets, Luttrell completely blew us away with his debut album, Into Clouds.

One of the artists on the Anjunadeep roster who has continued to impress is none other than Luttrell. Whether it was his highly curated sets at festivals like Coachella and DAY MVS in the Park or releases like his Intergalactic Plastic EP that took us to another planet, little has seemed to slow his rise to the top. Now, Luttrell has released his debut album dubbed Into Clouds, and it has exceeded all of our expectations.

Clocking in at ten tracks (and even more if you tune in to the extended mixes on Spotify) this album from Luttrell shows off some of his best work yet. Much like his sets that we’ve come to love, Into Clouds brings listeners a story that will have you listening to the album from start to finish.

“I think each song has a message, a vibe or a feeling that each and every one of us can relate to on some level. Some moments are flying high above it all, some are dreamy or whimsical, and some moments are more pensive, delicate or even vulnerable. I want listeners to make this album their own and attribute their personal experiences and feelings to the music.”  – Luttrell

Download or stream Into Clouds on the platform of your choice and read on for our take on this stunning album from Luttrell!

Listen to Luttrell – Into Clouds on Spotify:

Luttrell begins to build the soundscape of Into Clouds with “After All”, which has a soothing melody blended with vocals to set listeners in a bliss-like state.

Once the tone has been set, we’re guided to “Out Of Me,” a powerful tune which has been impossible to avoid if you’ve been listening to his mixes or even those from other melodic artists like Tinlicker, Lane 8, and Nora En Pure. It is pretty easy to realize why this was selected as the lead single for the release as it stands out and resonates well beyond the first play.

If you haven’t fully transitioned from Earth to the Heavens yet while listening, “Still Dreaming” begs the question of what is real and what is fantasy as it progresses forward. Dreamy yet grounded, the groove on this track will have you bumping along with the beat without a care in the world. From there, Luttrell leads listeners directly “Into Clouds,” the ever-fitting title track that is full of uplifting elements, before kicking things up a notch with “Windowscene,” which is the most upbeat of the collection.

“Layover” sees Luttrell bring a bit more heaviness into his sound, with a bassline that drives the track and a bumping vocal stab that accents it well, but is overshadowed quickly by one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Quiet Even Dark”. Full of synthwave sounds and his own vocals, this track shows off the indie, retro influences that Luttrell draws from in his productions.

As we further explore this dreamlike state, “Haunted Jungle Cruise” gives us an instrumental ride that features a bobbing beat and piano notes that hit just at the right time. It’s a perfect addition to those playlists for rainy days or long distance journeys as it brings the pace down a notch with its atmospheric mood.

Continuing the descent back to the real world, “May 28th” plucks at your heartstrings with its slowed beat and emphasized vocals. A reflective track that stirs up internal emotions, it takes things down a notch before Luttrell completes the journey with the album’s “Outro” that acts as a proper bookend to the release.

When Luttrell announced that he would be releasing his debut album I was expecting something that would be out of this world, and he delivered on all marks. Whether you want to soak in the soundscape as a start to finish journey or extract tunes at your leisure, the emotion and personality that is present on Into Clouds allows for a deeper connection and keep you coming back for more.

Luttrell Into Clouds

Luttrell – Into Clouds – Tracklist:

  1. After All
  2. Out Of Me
  3. Still Dreaming
  4. Into Clouds
  5. Windowscene
  6. Layover
  7. Quiet Even Dark
  8. Haunted Jungle Cruise
  9. May 25th
  10. Outro

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