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Over a decade later the DJ Montana 12″ Edit of Tiësto’s “Traffic” still continues to leave listeners stunned.

Anyone who listens to electronic music should know who Tiësto is. One of the top artists in the current dance music scene, he continues to grace the stage at major festivals and events around the world. Even if you haven’t seen him at an event there is still more than likely a good chance that you’ve at least heard some of his tracks played out by others. Throughout his career as a DJ he’s released countless tunes that have left a lasting impact including trance hit “Traffic” back in 2003.

“Traffic” was one of the first smash singles of Tiësto’s early career, and was the first instrumental track to reach the number one spot in his homeland of the Netherlands. One of the tracks from his second studio artist album, Just Be that was released in 2003, it represented a surge of trance music in Europe. An emotional ride from start to finish the original version of “Traffic” opens with a steady, upbeat pace, but today’s focus is on the DJ Montana 12″ Edit that was paired with it.

Both the original and DJ Montana Edit transition from the intro into a subtle, rising build-up that begins to incorporate the background synths until they move into the foreground. These synths comprise the primary melody and repeat throughout the song, save for a few breaks. Before each drop, the backbeat and bass drop out until the primary synths stand alone. The result is simply epic and life-changing, especially if you experience it live, as each element of the track returns for the drop into a beautiful crescendo of sounds.

DJ Montana’s 12″ Edit extends the duration of the synths during the drops and adds a slightly more polished sound to the overall track. Both versions have a progression of rhythm that is almost impossible to not nod your head to once the song is in full effect. If you’re not doing that, it’s likely because you’re already lost in the entrancing waves of sound, contemplating life, meaning and your own purpose in this world. OK, it might not always be that deep, but that is one of the intended effects of trance music, even to this day.

There is something almost magical about the wonder and light, airy nature of the trance genre which does not rely on energy-filled drops, dubstep bass wobbles, or even snappy house beats. Trance can be a very ambiguous genre, but it always seems to possess a more than meets the eye, or ear, touch to it, one that its listeners can find themselves lost in. Listen to this edit below and let us know what you think of this classic track in the comments!

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