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For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re taking it back to the year 2011 with one of Skrillex’s most iconic songs, “First of the Year (Equinox)”. 

It was when I was just a sophomore in high school, that I first listened to Skrillex‘s “First of the Year (Equinox)“. Since it’s such a unique song, it differed from what I normally listened to, which was rap and mainstream pop music. Skrillex could always get me dancing with his melodies. I can’t believe that this song is going to be eight years old.

In June 2011, Skrillex released “First of the Year (Equinox)” on his third EP, More Monsters and Sprites. With this being the lead single off the EP it quickly became one of his more popular songs. This grimy tune combines an infectious beat with heavy bass growls for a masterful tune that helped bring dubstep to a larger audience. Additionally, he released a music video that gives the track more depth and gives fans a visual accompaniment to the already wild rollercoaster of a ride.

In the intro of the music video, a soft piano meets with growls and vocals that sing “baby you’ve got a nightmare,” as a pedophile follows a young girl in an alley. The beat builds up until the girl shouts “Call 911 now,” then instantly transitions into the shredding dubstep drop. During this time the girl in the video fights back using telekinesis to attack the pedophile. After defeating her attacker, the song fades out and the girl wrings her hands together before making a final tally on the wall of victims.

I wish I could go back to the simpler of times and listen to Skrillex, instead of adulting, but I can sit here and pretend I’m back to my high school days with this tune. Check out the full music video below and let us know which Skrillex tune was your favorite in the comments!

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