‘Awake (The Remixes)’ Gives Alison Wonderland’s Fans Something New to Devour

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland just dropped Awake (The Remixes), which includes fresh takes on the original tracks by hot artists like Bleep Bloop and KRANE!

I’ll admit, I’ve always had mixed feelings about remix albums. When it comes to a great song more often than not I can’t help but agree with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality”. If there’s one artist that would force me to re-evaluate this viewpoint, however, it’s Alison Wonderland. I’ve been obsessed with her music and adorable collection of oversized tees since she first came out with her Calm Down EP, so needless to say, I knew I was going to have to give her latest release, Awake (The Remixes), a try.

Out today, Awake (The Remixes) features 11 – you guessed it – remixes, of original tracks off Alison Wonderland’s sophomore album, Awake. A refreshing deviation from what I’d come to expect of remix albums, Awake (The Remixes) offers an impressive lineup of songs that do not simply piggyback off of their original counterparts. Instead, up-and-comers like Bleep Bloop and Krane breathe new life into some of Alison Wonderland’s most-loved tracks, with each artist adding their own styles and twists to create an album that sounds entirely new and unique from the original.

Stream or download Awake (The Remixes) on your favorite platform today, and read on for the rest of my thoughts on the release!

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Oriental Cravings starts things off with their take on “Sometimes Love” – a fan favorite off the original album.

What’s better than an Alison Wonderland track? An Alison Wonderland X SLUMBERJACK track, obviously. For the original, these two trap gods joined forces to create one of my favorite songs on Awake and this remix certainly follows suit. The remixed version picks up right away, dropping at only about 40 seconds in. Once it gets started, it’s a perfect chaos of chainsaw-esque samples and hard-hitting build-ups that together make up the ideal song to head-bang to.

Blush’s “Okay” remix is a deliciously dark take on the original and one of my favorite tracks off the album.

While Alison Wonderland’s “Okay” features high-pitched, echoing vocals, Blush‘s version is quite the opposite. With alien-like samples and a warbling, glitchy drop, this track is a trap lover’s dream-come-true. It’s a slow burner for sure, but don’t be fooled by the subtle lead-in; I’d argue that “Blush”‘s drop is one of the most satisfying, aggressive ones off the album.

Next up are Paces’, Kid Froopy & umru’s, and Callie Reiff’s takes on “No”, with each bringing their own flavor to the catchy track. 

Although each of these remixes are unique and worth listening to, I’d have to say that my favorite of the three was Kid Froopy and umru‘s version. The track starts off cheery and playful before taking an eerily dark turn for the drop. Chopped vocals take over for a brief trap interlude before the song loops back around, returning to slower, brighter melodies.

Perhaps two of the most anticipated remixes off the album are Bleep Bloop’s “Cry” and QUIX & Enschway’s “High”.

While Alison Wonderland’s “Cry” is poppy and lighthearted, Bleep Bloop‘s version is its industrial, metal cousin. The drops are separated by sped-up, warbled vocals and with a break-down this gritty, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to trap heaven.

“High” is a different beast entirely. While most of the remixes on the album opted to speed-up the original’s vocals, for the most part, QUIX & Enschway maintained an overall slow pace. Even the drop is a slow-burner all the way through, which I found to be all the more satisfying.

Finally, I’d like to highlight another of my favorites off the album, KRANE’s “Awake”. 

What I loved about this remix was how well it incorporated the theme of the original while still managing to create such a different track. Overall, Alison Wonderland’s Awake was meant to sound church-like, with effervescent melodies and echoing vocals, with “Awake” following suit. KRANE‘s version of the track stays true to this, but eventually breaks into a gratifying drop that’s both progressive house and trap simultaneously. The result? A feel-good track that I would argue is even better than the original.

Although I still wouldn’t consider myself a “remix album person”, Awake (The Remixes) offers up an impressive collection of unique tracks that each brought something new to the original.  

Apart from containing songs that are actually distinguishable from the originals in new and exciting ways, what I find most exciting about this album is how many up-and-comers were included on it. Often, remix albums are inflated with big-name artists, earning streams based more so on their names rather than how good of a job they do on said remixes. Awake (The Remixes), however, includes a refreshing lineup of artists who all managed to stay true to the original, while bringing their own flavors and styles it as well.

Let us know what you thought of Awake (The Remixes) in the comments!

Alison Wonderland Awake The Remixes

Awake (The Remixes) – Tracklist:

  1. Alison Wonderland x SLUMBERJACK – Sometimes Love (ORIENTAL CRAVINGS Remix)
  2. Okay (Blush Remix)
  3. No (Paces Remix)
  4. No (Kid Froopy & umru Remix)
  5. No (Callie Reiff Remix)
  6. High ft. Trippie Redd (QUIX & Enschway Remix)
  7. High ft. Trippie Redd (Fracture Remix)
  8. Awake (KRANE Remix)
  9. Cry ft. Buddy (Bleep Bloop Remix)
  10. Cry ft. Buddy (Sunny Norway Remix)
  11. 11. Easy (Kill Paris Remix)

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