Dreamstate SoCal 2018 Serves Up Seven “VS” Sets That You Don’t Want to Miss!

Dreamstate SoCal 2017
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Why have one when you can have two? Dreamstate SoCal 2018 lays the platform for artists to go head to head during the biggest trance celebration in the States!

The anticipation is beginning to bubble as we prepare to make our way home to Dreamstate SoCal 2018! For two blissful nights, attendees will be washed over by a cloak of melodic euphoria with the top dogs of the trance industry primed and ready to set the tone. But what makes this year’s extravaganza stand apart from the last three editions is the addition of seven incredible back to back performances from celebrated artists both new and old.

You never know what to expect when creative forces are combined and with the pressure to deliver, VS sets have a divine way of becoming the highlight of any major festival or event. As each artist feeds off of one another in the quest to push personal boundaries, true auditory magic is unveiled with each rhythm and melody morphing and evolving through the airwaves. So, in honor of the beloved VS set, let’s take some time to dig into the characteristics of each Dreamstate SoCal 2018 partnership as we make our preparations for the forthcoming Trancegiving celebration!

Explore four must-see collaborations and projects at Dreamstate SoCal 2018!

Get ready for the battle to commence and explore the VS sets below!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Arctic Moon vs RAM

Arctic Moon vs RAM

Arctic Moon: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
RAM: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

No strangers to world trance domination, Arctic Moon and RAM have developed quite the knack for pulling raw emotion out of all who dare to take a walk on the uplifting side of life. Take one gander at Arctic Moon’s “Nocturnal Horizons” and we are transported to the top of the world as the melodic purity captures our soul. Or how about Grotesque’s own RAM delivering the boundless feels on his latest offering, “Northern Star“? As two of the leading faces of the trance industry, Dreamstate SoCal just wouldn’t be complete without them.

What can dreamers expect when these two stand side by side on the grand stage next month? If nothing else it would be wise to prepare your body, mind, and soul for a vast array of heavenly beats as we get ready to set forth on a journey of auditory enlightenment. If there was ever a set that would require us to reach high up to the moon and stars, this will certainly be the one.

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Chris Schweizer vs Heatbeat

Chris Schweizer vs Heatbeat

Chris Schweizer: Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud
Heatbeat: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

If you are looking for a set that will knock your socks off with high energy unadulterated dance floor insanity then look no further than Chris Schweizer vs Heatbeat! I can almost feel the crunch of the wild synth structures that are set to light our brainwaves on fire! With the 138 poster boy Chris Schweizer stealing our attention with one of his latest offerings called “Ascension” and the dynamic Argentinian duo known as Heatbeat unleashing a fury of pulse-pounding mayhem on “Mortal Kombat“, the tech trance game has never sounded so glorious!

Not for the faint of heart, I would advise you to dress for the occasion as you will leave dripping in sweat from the gyrations and intense movement that these boys promise to inspire. For a little glimpse into what’s to come, check out their recent back to back performance at A State Of Trance Festival 850 below!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Darren Porter vs Talla 2XLC

Darren Porter vs Talla 2XLC

Darren Porter: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Talla 2XLC: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Let’s dive back into the euphoric essence of uplift with the two-man combo that is Darren Porter vs Talla 2XLC. Building a career from his self-taught beginnings, Darren Porter has blasted onto the scene with dance floor offerings dripping in high octane energy and soul grabbing expressions of genre-bending musical purity. On the flip side, Talla 2XLC has lived his life for international trance dominance, producing hundreds of hard driving anthems and paving the way for the next generation to follow suit in his wake.

If we peer into the offerings of Talla 2XLC, it is tracks like “Silesia” and “Rubicon” that get us foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Throw in Darren Porter’s “Split” and “Light Speed” and I think it is safe to say that this will be a set with many hills, peaks, and valleys. So strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride you that will never want to get off of!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Niko Zografos vs Skylex

Niko Zografos vs Skylex

Niko Zografos: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Skylex: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

This has certainly been the era of Niko Zografos as it seems as if overnight he would shoot to trance superstardom! On a steady rise since the release of the Aly & Fila supported “Phoria“, Niko is sure to arrive at Dreamstate SoCal with an arsenal of delectable trance treats that will light the night on fire! But, he isn’t coming alone! Yes, for this go-round, Niko will be joined by none other than Skylex, the Denver native making waves in the industry with etherial progressive anthems like “Northern Lights” in addition to dominating almost every trance sub-genre with his impressive resume’.

A set made for those looking for a wide variety of sounds and character traits, when Niko Zografois and Skylex meet face to face on the Dreamstate stage, there will be no guessing where the night will take them. This is why it is pertinent that you grab a spot front and center as the multifaceted journey unfolds.

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Orla Feeney vs Kristina Sky

Orla Feeney vs Kristina Sky

Orla Feeney: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Kristina Sky: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Move over, gentlemen, because the ladies are coming to town! The charismatic trance princess and VANDIT supported Orla Feeney will team up with our beloved award-winning trance queen Kristina Sky to show the industry just how it’s done! Devoted to the editing, manipulation, and production of sound, Orla Feeney has what it takes to deliver a set that is wildly unique and infectiously engaging. With Armada favorite Kristina Sky by her side, there is no stopping the emotion that will pour from every beat that echoes over the horizon.

If you crave something warm and groovy or are searching for a spirited essence that lifts you out from your daily stress and anxiety, then this is a set that you are not going to want to sleep on! Just this past year Orla Feeney graced our community with the soundscape of “Lust” while Kristina Sky turned heads with a massive performance at Luminosity Beach Festival 2018. Looking to the future, we simply can’t wait to see what the beauties of trance have in store for us come Trancegiving weekend!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Shugz vs David Rust

Shugz vs David Rust

Shugz: Facebook | SoundCloud
David Rust: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Prepare to dive deep “Down The Rabbit Hole” as the youth, energy, and deck skills of rising star Shugz go head to head with David Rust, the master of everything fast and furious! Honing his skills like a madman on a mission, Shugz prepares his spot on the throne of trance domination through combining fast mixing and unexpected tune drops. Making his impressive debut at Luminosity Beach Festival, it is safe to say that we have entered the mind-warping era of Shugz!

With Shugz primed and ready to take his tech game to the next level it is David Rust that comes with a goody bag full of techno-inspired dance floor heaters and psytrance/tech trance mega bangers that will knock you clear out of your socks. Want proof? How about a little bit of “Out Of Order” action to get those endorphins firing on all cylinders. Dreamstate hit the nail on the head with this goosebump-inspiring dream team!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018: Sneijder vs Sied van Riel

Sneijder vs Sied van Riel

Sneijder: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Sied van Riel: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Rounding out the VS lineup, we just may have saved the best for last. Dubbed as the leader of the current tech trance revolution, Sneijder brings us deep into a realm where the dark knows no bounds. With an iconic status among the underground elite, it is his mastery to bond the dark with hints of euphoric sparkle that make Sneijder an act that labels including VANDIT, Armada, Black Hole, Subculture, and FSOE shower with continuous praise. As Sneijder prepares to “Decimate” our subconscious with flair and raw gusto, it is Sied van Riel who will provide the yin to his yang.

As the pioneer of the industry-dominating Rielism record label, Sied van Riel has made his mark on the scene with tunes like “Atomic Blonde” that run deep with depth and layers of billowing melody and rhythm. Capturing the spirit through haunting vibes and mesmerizing the mind with a pristine understanding of what trance music was set forth to envoke within the hearts of its listeners, Sied van Riel is arguably one of the greatest the industry has ever known. Place these two men together for some back to back action and behold the wonder of trance evolution at its finest!

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