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Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

In each edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that have landed in our inbox each week that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from Space Jesus & Conrank, Seven Lions x Slander x Dabin, Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross, Drishti Beats, Sullivan King, and more!

Listen to some of our favorite tunes from this week and past editions in our playlist and read on for more details on the tunes added below!

The Landing || Volume 088

space jesus conrank meatball parm
Space Jesus and Conrank come together for immensely dirty experimental bass track, “Meatball Parm”.

Released on Circus Records, intergalactic bass god Space Jesus and Conrank joined forces to create “Meatball Parm”, a beautifully filthy swarm of disgruntled wobbles and shaky bass snaps. I just had the pleasure of seeing Space Jesus and Conrank live on Space Jesus’ fall tour, and I can verify that this is an incredible track.

Having collaborated with Bassnectar and Dirt Monkey in the past, Conrank is a mainstay in the weird and wonky bass scene, and I couldn’t be more thankful that he and my favorite producer have come together for this new tune. Check out “Meatball Parm” today and see what I mean! – Jayce

Download or stream “Meatball Parm” on your favorite platform

Drishti Beats is back with their latest dream-tempo single “It’s All Good”.

Fresh off of a recent performance at Mysteryland Festival in the Netherlands; Drishti Beats once again masterfully combines their chilled out, electro-hip-hop vibe with a powerful saxophone lead on their latest track “It’s All Good”. Starry-eyed vocal hooks and jazzy hip-hop elements combine forces to take you on a journey into a blissful dimension.

“It’s All Good” is a powerful, yet balanced track that awakens your soul, and is perfectly paired with a late-night kick back, or sunrise salutations. Each and every Drishti set is sure to leave your energy restored, your chakras cleansed, and your soul feeling refreshed. Be on the lookout for Dristhi to bring the vibes, and the beats, to a town near you. – Logan

Stream “It’s All Good” on SoundCloud!

Petit Biscuit Suffer
Petit Biscuit returns with Swedish vocalist Skott to release “Suffer”

After nearly a year-long hiatus following the release of his debut album Presence, Petit Biscuit is finally back with two new tracks and trust us, it was well worth the wait. “Suffer” features hypnotic vocals from Swedish singer Skott and a vibe that somehow manages to be eerie and upbeat at the same time.

According to Petit Biscuit, the meaning behind this track may have a darker connotation than the catchy beat leads on, but don’t let the name of the song and Skott’s somber lyrics depress you too much. “Suffer” serves as an excellent return for Petit Biscuit, packed with cheeky piano riffs and siren sounds that will have you humming along all through the weekend. – Sydney

Stream “Suffer” on SoundCloud!

Tor Ancients
Tor drops “Ancients” on a collaboration album.

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Tor has recently dropped “Ancients” on Nobile Silence, a compilation album with various artists such as Nym, Dirty Art Club, Mononome and more. “Ancients” is the first track on the album and acts as the perfect introduction. It has a slow and beautiful build up without a drop, leaving you wanting more of the song. About a minute in the stunning synths are added which send chills throughout my body. I really love ambient music and find it can be the most spiritual and enlightening. – Julia

Stream “Ancients” on SoundCloud!

Ayl3 & Emma Horan-The Story Of Your Name-Cover
“The Story Of Your Name” guides us to cooler winds with its tale!

AYL3, a Russian born producer, teams up with Emma Horan for this soft vocal number on Amsterdam House Records – a division of Raz Nitzan Music. The tune flows softly but purposefully, keeping its synth work tidy, the emulated bass stabs driving, and the vocals are sublime. There is a beauty here as well with the lyrics sung by Emma — particularly the flight of romance that underpins the track. If you’re ready to move into the next segment of the year, well, tell the story of your name to someone dear to your heart! – MyStro

Stream the extended mix of “The Story Of Your Name” on YouTube and grab your copy on your favorite platform!

First Time Seven Lions Slander Dabin
Seven Lions, Slander, and Dabin release a beautiful new tune dubbed, “First Time”.

This sweet collaboration is an epic combination of the varied musical styling from these amazing DJs/producers. Featuring vocals from Dylan Matthew, the track’s thoughtful lyrics create good feels and remind us of loves, past, present, and future. Seven Lions, known for his genre-bending talents, has seamlessly integrated the signature sounds from Slander and Dabin with that of his own. Please join me in checking out this amazing new track, it is sure to put a smile on your face! – Bill

Stream “First Time” on SoundCloud!

Sullivan King
Sullivan King brings the perfect mix of rock and dubstep to the table on “I’ll Fight Back”!

Sullivan King made the jump from rock music to the dubstep world pretty seamlessly. On his solo productions, he does an incredible job of always bringing rock elements while blending them perfectly in the electronic scene. His brand new track, released on Monstercat, “I’ll Fight Back” does exactly that. Listeners get very metal/rock type of lyrics from Sullivan King himself along with heavy metal riffs. Mixed in with all of this is fast-firing dubstep synths. Overall, the track is something everyone can enjoy! – James

Download or stream “I’ll Fight Back” on SoundCloud!

ODESZAGolden Features adds a deeper touch to ODESZA’s “Falls”!

The last few releases from ODESZA and friends have been versions of their tracks played out during their A Moment Apart tour, which is great because it makes it that much easier to relive those glorious memories we made. Since the tour began there have been a number of IDs, remixes, and new music surfacing. The Seattle-duo recently released the highly revered ID “Loyal” and have since unveiled another new track from the tour, “Falls” (Golden Features Remix).

The remix doesn’t use the standout parts from the original, but instead the Golden Features version takes on an entirely new form. The original is much more uplifting and euphoric, whereas the remix offers a darker flip making it grungier. I can remember them dropping this in the middle of their sets and being blown away by the contrast in sound. I didn’t think ODESZA could get dirty, but Golden Features sent it. – Zach

Stream “Falls” (Golden Features Remix) on SoundCloud!

W&W takes us to back to the golden age of Big Room with “Rave Culture”!

Let’s get this out-of-the-way first: every Big Room song is essentially the same. But so what? If the build-up is good and drop is satisfying, there’s no reason not to switch your brain off and have fun. “Rave Culture” does absolutely nothing to bring the genre into 2018, but by focusing on the Big Room fundamentals — massive synths, electro drops, catchy melodies — and executing them to perfection, the track still soars. Even a deeply corny vocal break in the middle of the song can’t stop its energy. 2013 is back, baby. – Erik

Stream “Rave Culture on Spotify!

Awaken Jason Ross Cosmic Gate
Jason Ross and Cosmic Gate have collaborated on a fresh new track, that will “Awaken” your mind.

After ABGT300, one of the most exciting new IDs from the event has to be “Awaken” with Cosmic Gate and Jason Ross. The opening blends the sounds from both artists while bringing forth a signature Anjunabeats vibe that kicks the track off nicely. As the energetic opening tapers off into gentle vocalizations, it sounded more like the merging of both artists’ sound to the buildup of the chorus unleashing a vibrant, energetic tune. This song really showcases where their similarities and differences in sound are. I definitely hope there are more Jason Ross and Cosmic Gate collaborations because “Awaken” sounds like the beginning of more. – Lisa

Stream “Awaken” on SoundCloud!

svnset aero chord
Aero Chord releases sensual tune, “SVNSET” feat. Norman Perry.

If you’re looking for the perfect song to cruise to this season, look no further than “SVNSET”. With subtle trap vibes and mellow pops and sizzles, “SVNSET” will have you sing along to its catchy lyrics as soon as you hear it.

Intertwining relatable lyricism and crisp beats, this track truly emulates a sunset – each sonic tremble rising and falling with beautiful precision. Listen to “SVNSET” today! – Jayce

Download or stream “SVNSET” on Spotify!

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