Dirtybird Campout West Compilation Arrives in Style

Dirtybird Campout West Compilation Cover Art

Get ready, campers, because the Dirtybird Campout West Compilation is here, and it’s ready to light your night on fire!

With just under a week until our favorite birds of a feather flock together in Northern California at Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2018Dirtybird has released the latest edition of its Dirtybird Campout West Compilation, and it is nothing short of superlative.

With 12 tracks of banging club tunes by label notables such as Nick Monaco, Lubelski, Wyatt Marshall & Fritz Carlton, and many more, the newest edition of the Campout Compilation is possibly its best yet. The compilation also features a spectacular remix of FISHER’s quintessential summer 2017 banger, “Ya Kidding,” which breathes a whole new life into what was arguably one of the biggest tracks on Dirtybird, well, ever.

The compilation also features a scorching hot continuous mix by newcomer Steve Darko, who will be making his first-ever appearance at Dirtybird Campout this October. Darko has been the topic of numerous conversations on Claude VonStroke’s Birdhouse Radio Show – specifically, that he’s one of Counselor Claude’s favorite new artists – and it’s not hard to see why. If you were on the fence, you heard it here first: you’re a fool if you don’t check out his set.

Stream or purchase Dirtybird Campout West Compilation via your favorite platform, and read on for our thoughts about a few of our favorite tracks!

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Eli Brown’s remix of “Ya Kidding” takes a track that had been rinsed within an inch of its life and makes it something I can love again.

I’ll be super real for a minute – I thought I was so sick of hearing FISHER’s “Ya Kidding” at literally every single event that if someone else played it for me, I was going to lose my shit. Well, I’ll just shut my mouth, because Eli Brown has managed to take a tune I thought had been completely destroyed and give it a seriously rad makeover. Replacing the heavy bass with some groovy synth arps and pushing some of the more notorious elements to the background, the track wiggles, wriggles, and shakes in all the right ways. Thank you, Eli Brown – this one is a winner.

Arguably the best track on the compilation is Sacha Robotti & Kevin Knapp’s “King Midas.”

I first heard this track in Sacha Robotti’s set from HARD Summer 2018, and I have been absolutely obsessed with it ever since. Pairing up our favorite Dirtybird sloth and Berlin’s own Kevin Knapp for the fourth time, the track is a relentless dancefloor weapon of epic proportions. Melding together chest-rumbling synths and a catchy vocal hook that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of your life. Get ready, Dirtybird fam – “King Midas” is in town, and he’s about to wreck your whole existence.

Lubelski’s “Kaya” takes things down to a simmer and infuses them with a sweetness so frequently absent from tech house that I’m totally enchanted.

Featuring a simple melody vaguely reminiscent of video game music, a mellow bongo drum beat, and a sweet refrain of “Girl, you know I love you,” Lubelski’s “Kaya” is the sort of love song only a tech house producer could create. It’s remarkably atmospheric and strikes a pretty unusual emotional chord, and it’s definitely the only one like it on the compilation. Check it out and drift away into the perfect pastel sky with me, won’t you?

The compilation reached a whole new energy level when we hit “Moog Storm” by Pimpo Gama.

Speaking of heaters, let’s dive headfirst into this incredible “Moog Storm” by Pimpo Gama, which is absolutely filled to the brim with delicious, you guessed it, Moog synth rips that rev the party up to an 11 and never let it come back down. As one of the few tracks on the compilation without a vocal, its deceptively simple, action-packed soundwaves make for just sort of unexpected banger that will undoubtedly grace half the sets this weekend at Dirtybird Campout. It is just that good.

Maybe it’s just the ridiculous lyrics, but I’m also hooked on n808’s “Robot Butts.”

First of all, let’s just appreciate the fact that the line, “Robots have square butts” may be simultaneously one of the most ridiculous and amazing lyrics to ever grace a Dirtybird Campout Compilation. But if you’re going to tell me that this isn’t going to be one of the tracks that is on everyone’s radar for the next six months, well, you’re sorely mistaken.

Maybe it’s my love of Flight of the Conchords. Maybe it’s the fact that robots are both universally revered as the unrelenting, all-knowing wave of the future and feared for their explosive, inhuman natures and frightening metallic vocal chords and blinking red eyes. Whatever the case, the deliciously quirky vocals, tech house sound effects, and understated rocking drumbeat make “Robot Butts” a tune that I can’t help but love.

And seriously, can we talk about Steve Darko’s Continuous Mix for just a second?

I’ve listened to every single Dirtybird Campout Compilation that has come out, and this continuous mix has got to be one of the best of them all. Steve Darko takes every single track and mixes it in with unquestionable precision, making me wonder where he’s going to take me next despite the fact that I’ve listened to the entire compilation at least three times now. It’s 50 minutes of solid grooves and a few surprises, so definitely don’t miss it.

What was your favorite track from Dirtybird Campout West Compilation? Let us know in the comments!

Dirtybird Campout West Compilation Cover Art

Dirtybird Campout West Compilation – Tracklist:

  1. Switch it Up – Steve Darko
  2. Ya Kidding (Eli Brown Remix) – FISHER
  3. King Midas – Sacha Robotti & Kevin Knapp
  4. Play to Win – James Curd feat. KE
  5. Drama (Will Clarke Remix) – Nick Monaco
  6. Kaya – Lubelski
  7. Moog Storm – Pimpo Gama
  8. Like 17 – Lucati
  9. Game Over – MDE
  10. Robot Butts – n808
  11. Waremouse – Wyatt Marshall & Fritz Carlton feat. River Magick
  12. Drum Loop – NiQW
  13. Dirtybird Campout West Compilation (Continuous Mix) – Steve Darko

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