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With its ability to evoke an abundance of feelings, Gai Barone’s “Eve” brings the full progressive package.

Gai Barone is arguably one of the best progressive producers around. I’m certainly biased as any time his name is on a lineup or even close by, I almost always find a way to attend his event. However, bias aside, his penchant for melodies and ability to evoke a variety of emotions certainly sets him apart. Though Gai has produced tracks and remixes with lyrics, his true ability lies in non-vocal tracks. The beauty of a non-vocal track is that the listener sets his or her own journey as there are no lyrics to steer you in a certain direction or tell you how to feel.

After being introduced to Gai Barone‘s works by a former EDM Identity staff member, I voraciously consumed his works with “Eve” being my personal favorite. As a non-vocal track, “Eve” has the ability to be what I need it to be at the time that I hear it. If I’m sad, I sometimes interpret it as a somber track, if happy, “Eve” amplifies that positive mood. However, regardless of what feelings it evokes, the solid composition and progression never wavers.

Before going into Eve, let’s talk a little about “progressive.” Though it’s a full-on genre of its own, the beauty of the progressive style is its ability to traverse the world of house, techno, trance, and many other genres. Whereas some musical labels seek to box and categorize a sound, progressive’s power lies in its ability to blend multiple genres, emulate many sounds and basically fit in anywhere. Likewise, its beauty comes from listeners digging deep and being taken on an aural journey. Whether it be progressive house, progressive trance or progressive techno, real pure progressive knows no bounds. In my opinion, Gai Barone’s “Eve” is a great example of that pure progressive beauty.

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“Eve” begins slowly at first, showing off all of the delicious sounds that will be soon melt together.

That discernable Gai Barone melody begins to build and there is an almost ominous tension that then explodes into all-out beauty. Throughout the eight-minute full version, Gai Barone slowly assimilates and excludes different layers of sounds, adding complexity at every turn, which envelopes the listener. He both builds up and breaks down the track in such a minimalist way that at times it is hard to pinpoint when new sounds enter the aural sphere but that’s the beauty of progressive. All the sounds work in harmony and through each twist and turn to evoke pure emotion.

Progressive isn’t just something you listen to, it’s something you feel, whether it be happy or blissfully tearful, with every fiber of your being. And for me, “Eve” is the track that makes me feel an overabundance of emotions and gives me goosebumps to this day.

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