Gai Barone’s ‘In The Mix 006 – Progressive Sessions’ is Out Now!

Gai Barone

Gai Barone releases his first solo-mixed compilation for Bonzai Progressive’s In The Mix – Progressive Sessions series.

If you’re a fan of pure progressive sounds then Gai Barone is a name you’re already familiar with. The Italian DJ has been in the electronic scene for many years and continues to make waves with his unique style and dedication to the progressive. Just last year Barone continued to make profession strides through releases such as “Shiny,” “Nexo,” and “There’s A Lady” in conjunction with his numerous club performances around the globe.

Now Gai Barone is heading up the sixth edition of Bonzai Progressive’s In The Mix compilation series. Barone follows a long line of impactful artists starting with Airwave and including Joal, Audio Noir, and others. This compilation marks his first solo-mixed release and will showcase not only his tastemaking ability but his affinity of the more entrancing and deep sounds. 

Released today via Beatport, Gai Barone’s In The Mix 006 – Progressive Sessions will feature everything from deep to harmonic house and gives insight into Barone’s tastes an interest. His own tracks are intermixed with other artists like Yuriy from Russia, Solarstone & John 00 Fleming, and more.

In The Mix 006 – Progressive Sessions is an amazing compilation. Download it on Beatport today!

Stream Gai Barone’s track “Tanita” for a taste of what’s in store:

“Music of substance, not simplicity. Some find it easier to corral the music I play into the ‘deep trance’ bracket, which I do understand. We live in a world of classification. I do feel there’s significantly more range to it though.” “You’re not going to hear one harmonic trancer or deep-prog number after another, after another here. The mixes are designed as end-to-end listens. What happens in between is not always going to be what’s expected”.

– Gai Barone

Gai Barone Progressive Sessions In The Mix 006

In The Mix 006 – Track List: 

Part 1
  1. Gai Barone – Tanita (Intro Mix) (Afterglow)
  2. Tannura – Halfway (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  3. Gai Barone – Cantica (Gai Is Coming To Town Remix) (Afterglow)
  4. Kymatik – La Bataeu Ivre (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  5. Lunar Park – Tantra (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  6. Chris Cargo – Inversion (Original Mix) (Bonzai)
  7. Danito & Athina – City Lights (Stereo Underground Remix) (Crossfrontier Audio)
  8. Morttagua & Gaby Endo – Urania (Gai Barone Depth Mode Remix) Uplifting Music)
  9. Blufeld – Tristful Sleeper (Original Mix) (Bonzai)
  10. TR20 – Perception Management (Original Mix) (Lowbit Records)
  11. Revolutionary Blocks – Behind (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  12. Quadran featuring Tasha – Unlovable (Nico Parisi Instrumental Remix) (Bonzai)
  13. York & Ramon Zenker – China Girl (Andromedha Remix) Black Hole Recordings)
Part 2
  1. Matan Caspi – Shiny Coral Reefs (Alex Vidal Remix) (Bonzai)
  2. Coyu featuring Thomas Gandey – 1 + 1 (Gerd Janson Arp Mix) (Suara Music)
  3. Antidote – What Time Is Love (Stan Kolev Remix) (Bonzai)
  4. AudioStorm – The Passenger (Original Mix) (Bonzai)
  5. Gai Barone – Something Between Us (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  6. Oovation – Solar (Michael A Remix) (The Mango Alley)
  7. Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra – Devon (Original Mix) (Bonzai)
  8. Yuriy From Russia – Black Lagoon (Original Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)
  9. Milla Nelson – Beautiful Beast (Original Mix) Dominic Manns)
  10. Mark Found – Dust of Light (Original Mix) (Mark Found)
  11. Gai Barone – The Bloop (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
  12. Basil O’Glue – The Mars Project (Original Mix) (JOOF Recordings)
  13. Solarstone & John 00 Fleming – Hemispheres (Original Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)

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