The Rising Phoenix of Breakbeat Kaos Returns Celebrating 15 Years!

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Breakbeat Kaos – the house of DJ Fresh and Adam F – makes a triumphant return to celebrate fifteen years of rocking the house!

Breakbeat Kaos‘ return is nothing short of miraculous. After suspending all operations in 2012, most wrote off the industry-shaping label that brought acts like DJ Fresh, Adam F, Pendulum, Baron, Brookes Brothers, Nero, and more to the forefront of drum & bass culture. Yet, DJ Fresh dusts off the aging label for its 15th anniversary with a, let’s call it, soft relaunch.

Earlier this year he brought his latest heat with a collaboration with Macky Gee & DJ Phantasy titled “Civilization,” and now he stokes the fire with Flite’s remix of a special original by DJ Fresh and Jakes called “Shots.” While the original of “Shots” by DJ Fresh and Jakes remains an exclusive to the “I <3 Drum & Bass” playlist over on Spotify, this remix is a puzzle piece in the upcoming compilation celebrating the 15 years of label history.

In a form unsurprising for longtime fans, Breakbeat Kaos sounds the call back to its roots and utilizes the Jungle Sound imagery it debuted once again. This time they’ve chosen to evoke a different Sci-Fi film with a compilation entitled: Junglesound: Revenge of the Bass (15 Years Of Breakbeat Kaos). Hopefully, you chuckled at the reference to Star Wars yet again as the first compilation the label put out was Jungle Sound – The Bassline Strikes Back! back in 2004.

On the remix of “Shots”, Flite ups the ante and accelerates the tune back into the present era of drum & bass.

It evokes the timeless appeal of Jakes’ MC work and keeps the grooving bass line interwoven. The rework maintains a cinematic mood and before too long drops into a sound that is just as fresh today as it would have been in 2004. The low-frequency-oscillators in the bass line accentuate the energy without becoming overwhelming to any other element. At times, the bass rhythms even sparkle by emulating the sound of brass horns. The subtle use of background synthesizers even aids a magical mood – there is a whimsy of synthesizers and soft percussion elements that oozes Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!

In fifteen years there is little surprise at lasting quality in the music industry.

The electronic realm is home to oh-so-many failures but the major milestones – ten years as an active artist, fifteen or twenty as a label – hold true to the quality of music one puts out. In celebrating fifteen years of drum & bass music, community, and excellence, Breakbeat Kaos is ready to firmly establish its strong arm and amazing banner of talent to shake the paradigm again. They may have been quiet for a few years, but rest assured, it appears DJ Fresh and the gang are ready to let the bass drop.

If you fancy a peek behind the curtain to see exactly how Breakbeat Kaos will celebrate its fifteenth birthday, you won’t have to wait too much longer. 

A full compilation drops 26 October 2018 and features twenty-one tracks across two full CDs. Peruse the full tracklist below and note that track titles in bold are exclusive to the compilation. Pre-order your own on digital download, CD, or vinyl directly from the Breakbeat Kaos shop, the compilation can also be pre-ordered over on iTunes and most other digital outlets!

Junglesound: Revenge of the Bass – 15 Years of Breakbeat Kaos – Tracklist:

  1. Pendulum – Another Planet
  2. Chase & Status ft. Capleton – Duppy Man
  3. DJ Fresh – Golddust
  4. DJ Fresh – The Living Daylights
  5. Pendulum & Baron – Guns At Dawn
  6. Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down
  7. Brookes Brothers ft. Georgia Allen – New Wave
  8. Nero (UK) – Act Like You Know
  9. DJ Fresh & Sigma ft. Koko – Lassitude (Club Mix)
  10. Adam F – Circles VIP 2000 (VIP 2000 Mix)
  11. DJ Fresh – All That Jazz
  12. DJ Fresh ft. MC Jakes – Shots (Flite Remix)
  13. Macky Gee, DJ Phantasy & DJ Fresh – Civilization
  14. Adam F and Horx ft. Redman – Shut The Lights Off (Sigma Remix)
  15. Future Prophecies – Dreadlock (Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith Remix)
  16. DJ Fresh, Macky Gee & DJ Phantasy – Never Wanna Stop
  17. J Majik & Wickaman – Crazy World (Extended Mix)
  18. Camo & Krooked – Can’t Get Enough
  19. Dead Prez & WTF? – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK
  20. Pendulum ft. The Freestylers – Fasten Your Seatbelt
  21. DJ Fresh vs. Roska – Keep Your Head Up

BBK1015D - DJ Fresh - Junglesound Revenge of the Bass (15 Years Of Breakbeat Kaos)

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