Pedestrian Tactics’ New EP is a Glitchy Cybersonic Soundscape

Pedestrian Tactics Fishtank Sessions EP

Pedestrian Tactics’ latest EP Fishtank Sessions takes us on a journey through an immersive sonic universe, while showcasing his breadth of skill and style. 

Fishtank Sessions is an intriguing fusion of glitch and bass that straddles the gateway to science fiction. Pedestrian Tactics interlaces an interesting range of sounds and styles, primarily hip-hop and trap with touches of other styles, and reworks them into groovy urban, futuristic soundscapes. It’s a style that’s tough to pinpoint, but one that is distinctly his own.

Available now on all music platforms, you can grab your copy of Fishtank Sessions today via Listen to the EP below and read on for my take on the four-track release!

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Fishtank Sessions kicks off with “Frontline”, the second single to be released on the EP. This track carries PT’s signature twangy sound, yet has a kind of a disco, techno feel beneath a bouncy, glitchy beat. Each layer of the track adds rhythm and complexity. Even with its even its simple vocals, no amount of sound goes to waste.

Huffy” shows us the chill side of Pedestrian Tactics. With a lower tempo and spacious ambience, it brings us to ethereal, atmospheric heights. This track’s sound signature resembles that of Asiatic origin, with an added layer of resonant mystique. “Huffy” is an ambient bass track that’s still groovy and maintains PT’s gritty essence. 

The first single to be released from Fishtank Sessions was “Redef”, and it’s no doubt my favorite track on the album. It has a sinister soundtrack quality like we’re in pursuit of a badass protagonist through a high-tech urban slum. “Redef” has that defining, cyberpunk bass feel, loaded with intensity and intrigue beneath searing synths and a biting beat.

Cadmium” is the final track in the EP, and probably the grooviest. It’s bassy, yet includes some deep house sounds, and feels like an interesting mixture of every track on the album. It has spacey vibes, glitchy inserts, rhythmic vocals, all with sonic particulates floating in infrasonic orbit.   

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