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Fox Stevenson returns back to his roots in the world of drum & bass with his latest EP Take You Down / Melange!

Many artists in today’s music scene feel compelled to specialize and release music within their specific “genres” that define them as artists. While others have bucked the trend and cross genre boundaries, it’s a rare sight to see an artist make multiple genres and excel at all of them. Fox Stevenson is one of these artists who has been successful, and he just returned to his drum and bass roots on his latest EP Take You Down / Melange which was released today on Liquicity!

Fox Stevenson has been producing music since 2007 and has garnered millions of plays on SoundCloud. He’s released tracks on major record labels ranging from Spinnin’ and Disciple to Firepower and now on Liquicity. Additionally, he has created successful tracks under just about every genre imaginable showing that this young producer can create impressive music no matter w what he feels going into the song.

His latest EP takes us back to his roots in Drum & Bass, featuring three tracks for listeners to jam out to. The first track, “Take You Down”, features vocals from Fox himself over a melodic drum & bass background. The second track “Melange” showcases Fox’s trademark synth stabs along with an upbeat melody that just makes you want to dance! Closing out the EP is an instrumental version of “Take You Down” which ends things proper.

Out now on Liquicity, which is one of the leading DnB labels based on YouTube, this EP shows off some of the best work that Fox Stevenson has put out to date. Stream or purchase the Take You Down / Melange EP on your favorite platform!

Stream the Take You Down / Melange EP on Spotify:

“I’m really happy to be releasing take you down, it’s been a long time coming! Thrown together from pieces of rock band sessions and testing a more minimal approach at some DnB, it’s kind of a weird Amalgamation of where my heads been the last year, it’s nice to throw this out there.”

– Fox Stevenson

Fox Stevenson – Take You Down / Melange EP – Tracklist:

  1. Take You Down
  2. Melange
  3. Take You Down (Instrumental)

Fox Stevenson - Take You Down / Melange EP

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