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Lane 8 releases “Stir Me Up,” the fourth and final single from his upcoming Little By Little album – and it is absolutely flawless.

In just seven days, Lane 8‘s newest album, Little By Little, will be in our hands – and we can hardly wait to hear what the talented producer has in store for us with this latest musical journey. It’s almost as if he knew we were having a hard time waiting, because today, we have been gifted yet another stunning release from the upcoming LP in the form of its fourth and final single, “Stir Me Up.”

From its very opening chords, it’s silky, heart-rending, and full to the brim with emotion. It’s not long before the stunning vocal whisks us away, the soulful voice of an as-yet uncredited songstress seeping into our hearts and our consciousness in all the right ways. Lane 8 has stated that this is one of his favorite tracks from the new album, and it’s easy to see why; it’s absolutely captivating and guaranteed to be one of those tracks that you listen to on repeat for hours.

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With the release of “Stir Me Up,” Daniel shared a little bit of insight into the track on his Facebook page this morning, echoing previous sentiments about the beauty of creating albums and the musical opportunities that they provide:

With just a few weeks until the kickoff of Lane 8’s Little By Little album tour, there is still plenty of time to snag your tickets! Continuing in the vein of his previous show, the tour will immerse attendees in the haunting, gorgeous sound of Lane 8’s music without the distraction of cell phones, a concept that has proven wildly successful in previous runs. We can’t wait to attend another one.

Lane 8 Stir Me Up

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