Pedestrian Tactics, formerly known as Corporate, is debuting his new identity with his fresh audiovisual EP, In Transit!

Pedestrian Tactics is back in action after a long hiatus in Southeast Asia. His new release, the In Transit EP, is a combined music album and photo series, featuring snapshots from his travels as well as four original, genre-bending tracks.

In Transit” succinctly showcases Pedestrian Tactics’ broad range of styles and influences. Like many great artists who stand out from the crowd, his distinctive sound is difficult to categorize. It’s an engaging fusion of glitchy, urban bass music, melded with elements of glitch hop, trap, IDM, and hip-hop, often spiced with some international flavors, and of course loaded with his signature glitched out rhythmic vocal chops.

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The premier track, “Bang”, gives a unique touch to otherwise familiar music styles. He draws interesting rhythmic devices elsewhere from the drumbeat, overlaid with glitchy bursts and eerie xylophonic embellishments. It’s uplifting, but with an underlying darkness.

Bangkok” is reminiscent of the electronic days of old, with its retro synth lead swinging through the intro. Its bouncy beat gives the track a much more uplifting feel than the first and incites a sense of intrigue and excitement. It’s a work where IDM meets modern beat-driven bass music within a multilayered soundscape of arpeggiated synths and resonant vocals cheering in the distance.

In “Ghost” we hear Pedestrian Tactics’ grimier side. It’s much different than the EP’s preceding tracks with a trap vibe, moombahton-style broken drum beat, poppy kick, snappy snare, clicky, hip-hop vocals, and syncopated synth chops. The resounding train horn resonates back to the EP’s broad motif, as if we’re deep in a transit tunnel.

The EP takes a sharp turn and brings us to a mellow realm. Whilst still rhythmically complex, “Sunday” is much more chilled out, closer to future bass than the previous tracks. It’s a chill, flowy track with a resonating calm, a mellow ending to the EP.

In Transit’s visual gallery hyperbolically expresses the digital and architectural landscape in which we operate.

The images show people traveling through urban spaces, on foot or in transpo, many of them out of focus, as they might seem in an actual bustling city. The vantage point of the viewer is peering down long streets or hallways, between walls and tall buildings, emphasizing a sense of depth, or confinement.

The EP’s music and photos have an abstract mutual likeness. Together they create a complex system of interwoven parts, comprising one thriving metropolis.

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Gina relocated from monotonous central California to the damp, musically dense Pacific Northwest in 2009. Not long after, she became completely enveloped in the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Obsessed with the catharsis of dance and unparalleled sense of community, her life’s pursuit became attending as many live music events as possible. While she doesn’t limit her eclectic musical taste by any means, bass music is what most activates her tumultuous soul. Soon, within her grew the desire to become more involved and contribute to the community which has shown her interminable acceptance and purpose. In that pursuit, she began working with the artist relations teams at local powerhouse Foundation Nightclub and its parent company USC Events in Seattle. She’s now found a space where meaning and motivation converge and intends to embed herself as much as possible within those musical spaces.

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