Porter Robinson has just released a fantastic five-track self-titled EP as VIRTUAL SELF, his new side project.

It is interesting anytime an artist begins a side project or goes under another alias for awhile. They begin producing tracks that are completely different then what they normally produce and fans reactions are mixed, for the most part. Within just a few short weeks, Porter Robinson’s side project, VIRTUAL SELF, has taken off. He’s released two solo tracks and just released an EP today under this new alias and people are loving it.

Everyone knows who Porter Robinson is. His name is up there with the deadmau5’s and the Skrillex’s of dance music. His Worlds album is arguably one of the best albums in dance music and pretty much everything he touches turns to gold.

Thus, when he announced the VIRTUAL SELF project, fans were excited. There is also a shroud of mystery behind his new alias – all new Twitter accounts were created, and various phrases were placed in the music videos for these VIRTUAL SELF songs that had fans wondering what it all meant.

Stream the VIRTUAL SELF EP on SoundCloud:

His newest move as VIRTUAL SELF comes in the form of releasing a self-titled EP. The five-track EP features recent singles such as “EON BREAK” and “Ghost Voices”, and brings three other brand new tracks to the table.

Throughout its entirety, you can hear little hints of Porter Robinson’s original sound such as glitched out sound effects and a pristine level of production. Further, the Virtual Self EP brings something new to the table by combining the sound of old-school tracks with a new futuristic type of sound. Overall, the EP is something everyone can appreciate and love and it is refreshing to see Porter Robinson do something new while staying true to himself.

What Porter Robinson/VIRTUAL SELF will do after this EP is completely up in the air. What’s for certain though is VIRTUAL SELF is having his debut show at the Great Hall – Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, December 8. We can’t wait to see how that pans out and will be anxiously waiting for what comes after that from this talented man.

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