Omair Mirza Beautiful Mystery The Remixes

OHM Music turned one year old this month and in honor of the milestone, a very special “Beautiful Mystery” remix package will offer up the beats to get year two firing on all cylinders!

Time flies when you are having fun right? It seems like it was just yesterday that Omair Mirza launched his very own imprint, OHM Music, under Black Hole Recordings. Of course, it was only appropriate that the inaugural track would come in the form of Omair Mirza’s own “Beautiful Mystery”.

The track is an energy soaked blend of big room sounds full of that luscious trance melody that balance out just right under Avari’s hypnotic lyrics, telling a tale of the internal struggle to perpetually do the right thing regardless of your shortcomings.

To celebrate their birthday in style OHM Music has released the teaser for the forthcoming “Beautiful Mystery” remixes, set for official release on December 15, 2017. It comes as a stark reminder of the raw talent that OHM Music will continue to take on as the years pass by, allowing the music to speak for itself and promoting artists with next level creative vision both unique and inspired. So with that, here’s to many more years of success as we dive into Omair Mirza’s “Beautiful Mystery” – The Remixes!

Travel back in time and revisit the track that began it all by clicking right here!

Sodality gets the party revved up and ready for an extravagant journey of sound!

Leading us out of the gate, progressive trance powerhouse duo Sodality places their focus on the uplifting harmony that defines everything that makes “Beautiful Mystery” a track that will forever remain timeless. As we lift our hands to the heavens we are whisked away into a musical world full of beauty and grace.

As familiar faces under the Armada Music and FSOE Recordings label umbrellas, Sodality make their OHM Music debut with a remix that will make any trance lover fall deep in love with emotional power balanced among a grand hypnotic melody.

Stream Omair Mirza feat. Avari – “Beautiful Mystery” (Sodality Remix) on YouTube:

LawrenceQ turns up the energy for some peak hour bliss!

Hold on to your hats because LawrenceQ answers back with a quirky vocal chop up that bounces between a driving build to get that pulse pumping and a brilliant breakdown preparing our souls for an uplifting ebb and flow of harmony that breaks the track up into two unique chapters of sound. A piece that reflects OHM Music’s clear vision of taking on productions that ooze in creativity and out of the box inspiration, LawrenceQ delivers tenfold.

Stream Omair Mirza feat. Avari – “Beautiful Mystery” (LawrenceQ Remix) on YouTube:

Nay Jay & Leonard A flood the senses with a progressive twist that hits the soul!

Are you ready for a little more peak hour action? Well, Nay Jay & Leonard A have got you covered with a rendition that will get those feet moving and grooving, making all inhibitions a memory of the past. Packed with a punch, the crunchy synths make way for a heavenly breakdown that sets the stage for a gorgeous blend of Avari’s lyrical delivery, melancholy piano riffs, and a progressive twist that opens up the door to invite us straight back into the original synth structure that set their offering in motion.

Stream Omair Mirza feat. Avari – “Beautiful Mystery” (Nay Jay & Leonard A Remix) on YouTube:

H3 invokes the house vibes and marries them to a wistful melody, finding the perfect balance of sound!

As we catch our breath from the magnificent dance party that this remix package has unleashed we are invited into the shadows for a romp deep down in the underground as H3 titillates our senses with tech-driven kicks, bold and playful sound bytes, and intricate piano details that dance suspended above a mysterious rhythm.

As we reach the final tracks in this package H3 exposes a new face of “Beautiful Mystery”, placing emphasis on the darkest chapter of a story built on internal struggles and the perseverance of the heart.

Stream Omair Mirza feat. Avari – “Beautiful Mystery”(H3 Remix) on YouTube:

David Thulin closes us out with a dominating offering that simmers with sultry vibes and infectious rhythm!

Rounding out the group we see a familiar face join in on all the action as David Thulin swoops in for round two after the delivery of fan favorite “Destiny” on the label just this past June. Sweeping over us like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, David Thulin dishes out a sultry progressive house rhythm with a groove that will get you hot under the collar in all the right ways! Highlighting the vocals in their true form, David Thulin suspends Avari’s angelic voice over unobtrusive crescendos of energy and simmering builds – the cherry on top of a wildly multidimensional remix package!

Stream Omair Mirza feat. Avari – “Beautiful Mystery”(David Thulin Remix) on YouTube:

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