The Landing || November 5-11, 2017

The Landing

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

Since the introduction of streaming sites and mediums like Bandcamp available for artists to release on, new music is hitting us faster than ever and the abundance of releases can almost be overwhelming. We know that it is a difficult task to keep up with every artist, so we’re here to assist you with some gems that “land” in our inboxes. In every edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from Maglev & Josh Bailey, Said The Sky, Hotel Garuda, Luca Lush, K?D, Kidswaste & Manila Killa, Cedric Gervais, Wishlyst, TELYKast & Basko, Julian Jordan, Snugs, & Alison Wonderland!

The Landing || November 5-11, 2017

Maglev & Josh Bailey
Maglev & Josh Bailey lead the way into a dark trance dimension on “Pathkeeper”.

Maglev Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Josh Bailey – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

“Pathkeeper” released yesterday on November 10, 2017, on OHM Music, promises to offer up some seriously intense holiday nostalgia unleashing a tantalizing build that sets the tone for what quickly turns into a progressive trance power jam.

As a crescendo drives you through an ebb and flow of balanced hypnotic synths and high powered bass lines your fear response will be put to the test as you are met with psychotic inspired laughs that drive chill bumps to come forth for a hair standing debut.

A pairing that seems to be written in the stars, recent history has unveiled that this isn’t the first time that Maglev & Josh Baliey have linked up in the studio. Just this past summer they came together to spread their combined creative genius on “Cirrus”, a wistful uplifting dance floor gem that shoots listeners to a world far beyond the clouds.

As we look forward to the deliverance of their next studio collaboration on “Pathkeeper”, we are struck by the versatility that runs deep through the minds of two of the trance industry’s finest players as they move out of uplifting territory and put their stamp on a track that reads deep, dark, and dynamically mysterious.

Said the Sky - All I Got
Said the Sky hits you in the feels with one of the most beautiful songs of the year, “All I Got”.

Said the Sky – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

When I saw Illenium’s tweet that the new Said the Sky song is “potentially my fave ever” I raced to SoundCloud to check it out, and I was not disappointed. The chill, melodic synth drop is unlike any I’ve ever heard. Almost as if he tapped into a whole new dimension for this track, it sounds like little angels are singing throughout the drop.

Kwesi’s passionate vocals perfectly mesh with the emotional feel of the track, with beautiful piano and guitar chords bringing it all together. It tells the heartbreaking story of feeling broken without your soul mate, praying that they will come back to you, for they’re all you have. Listen below and let us know your thoughts!

Hotel Garuda Dancing On The Moon
Hotel Garuda wants to go “Dancing On The Moon” with you.

Hotel Garuda – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

One thing is for certain in the current landscape of the electronic music scene, and that is the fact that Hotel Garuda’s music is out of this world. Now, they have proven that fact with the release of new track “Dancing On The Moon”.

In development over the past two years, the track features vocals from Norwegian duo Lemaitre to really leave a lasting impression. The funky sound is infectious and evokes a positive vibe that will have crowds smiling and tapping their feet to the beat. Stream the track below and get a taste of what it is like to dance on the moon!

Luca Lush Ambrosia
Luca Lush brings the sounds of the gods together with “Ambrosia”.

Luca Lush – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 

“Ambrosia” will have you making a double take from start to finish. Opening with a very classical piano style, slowly adding percussion until it breaks into a rhythmic build up and finally dropping into some heavy bass that will simply tear you apart.

Luca Lush has killed his releases lately and this blend of piano, trap, and dubstep is not only unique but once again proves that music isn’t bound to genre or instrument.

K?D and Blair’s hearts beat as one in their new emotive single.

K?D – FacebookTwitterSoundCloud
Blair –  Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud

K?D is a mysterious young persona that continues to dazzle audiences on an increasing number of prominent lineups. He lets his music do all the talking with substantive tunes that take your emotions along for the ride.

His new track “Distance” featuring pop-EDM artist Blair, has K?D’s signature melodic future bass vibe with harmonic Porter-esque vocals. The track has undertones of K?D’s darker side, but more highlights his punchy, poppy flair.   

Kidswaste and Manila Killa will probably make you cry “Tonight”

Kidswaste – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Manila Killa –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud |

This week, Kidswaste and Manila Killa revealed what it sounds like when two masterminds of electro/dream pop make a baby. Yes, the result is just as awesome as you’d imagine it to be.

“Tonight” would have been deemed a beautiful track based on its melodic beats alone, but Chelsea Cutler’s vocals certainly put the icing on the feels-filled cake. Cutler sings of a love that may or may not be unrequited, leaving listeners with a haunting question many of us are too afraid to ever ask: “But do you want me too?” I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Turn up your weekend vibes with Cedric Gervais’ “Higher” featuring Conrad Sewell!

Cedric Gervais – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Conrad Sewell –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

The French DJ/producer and actor has gone under the radar this year but has still been busy playing shows and releasing new singles. Earlier this year he released “Somebody New” featuring Liza Owen and “Touch The Sky” featuring Digital Farm Animals and Dallas Austin.

Most recently Cedric Gervais released “Higher” featuring Conrad Sewell and its got an infectious drop that will have you bouncing through the weekend. Hopefully, we start to see Cedric Gervais back on the festival circuit or playing solo shows because this will be a good track to dance to live.

Check out Wishlyst’s take on pop classic “…Baby One More Time”!

Wishlyst – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Two months after going the “Distance” Wishlyst is back with a new track. For any fan of the late 1990s, early 2000s pop-takeover, this track will be very familiar. The year was 1998 and Britney Spears dropped a “…Baby One More Time” a track that would revolutionize the modern pop music game. Now, Wishlyst is taking the track and applying her own modern take on it. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

TELYKast & Basko Driving Sammy Adams
Go “Driving” with TELYKast and Basko on their latest release

TELYKast – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Basko –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

This collaboration between TELYKast and Basko is a perfect tune to ride around town to with your ride or die. The beat itself is the standout of the track, as it hits from the first note until the last drop.

Sammy Adams provides the vocals on the tune, which definitely bring it to the next level. The lyrics sung by Adams are a little on the cheesy side, but they are definitely geared towards that relationship goals status.

If you love a blend of R&B/Hip-Hop and Electronic Music, this track is for you, stream it below!

Julian Jordan TYMEN Light Years Away
Julian Jordan and TYMEN collab on “Light Years Away”!

Julian Jordan – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

The first release on Julian Jordan‘s own imprint Goldkid since his EP, “Light Years Away” takes you beyond the Milky Way Galaxy when you close your eyes and let the beat take control.

Moving away from the mainstage feel and continually developing his sound, Julian’s latest is a collaboration with TYMEN. The mellow vocals bring the track to the next level, as it already will blow listeners away with the beat. More pop-sounding than his dancefloor bangers, this new side of Julian is one that we are excited to experience.

Alison Wonderland Happy Place
Alison Wonderland wants to take you her “Happy Place”

Alison Wonderland – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Her first solo release in two years, Alison Wonderland has dropped a fresh track that she’s been teasing in sets all over. Recently off her massive tour, Alison toys with listeners on this new tune. Combining elements from the electro and bass realms, she has yet another quality trap tune on her hands for your listening pleasure.

Out now, “Happy Place” is a single from her upcoming album that is set for release in early 2018. Listen to it below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

snugs hailz radio silence
Snugs bring the vibes on collab with HAILZ, “Radio Silence”

Snugs – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

One of the latest projects to surface in electronic music, the duo known as Snugs is one that you should be keeping your ears tuned to in the future. Not just all about the beats, they have a whole story to tell as well.

Collabing with HAILZ on the vocals, “Radio Silence” is a solid tune that blends pop with electronic to create a blissfully good aura. Listen to the track below and read on for the story Snugs has provided!

She tapped her finger nervously on the side of the illuminated screen. Her words in a wall of blue text screaming back at her. She shifted uncomfortably in her bed not able to find a comfortable position. It had been exactly seven hours since his last response. In her desperation she cries out for comfort with all her might…

In that moment Snugs was listening. An omniscient and benevolent being, he rushes to action and appears at the foot of her bed.

“Who are you?” the girl asked.

“Hello there. I am snugs. I heard your cry for help.”

“Did he send you?”


“Can you make him respond to me?”


“Well then what good are you to me?”

“I cannot make your problems disappear, but I can be here through times of need. We all get frustrated sometimes when it feels like we are being ignored. Sometimes the best things to do is just to let it allllll go. Our lives and happiness are not dependent on other people. We create our own comfort. Now grab a blanket, throw a pillow, get up on your bed and dance!”

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