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Get the lowdown on house music artist Sam Supplier!

Sam Supplier is not just a DJ. This Ibiza favorite can do just about anything from making music to becoming a label owner to hosting his very own radio show. With almost 300 bookings in the past 12 months, Sam Supplier is in high demand with his energy-driven deep house sets.

When he’s not playing for a crowd, Sam Supplier hosts his daytime RINSE FM show featuring the latest up and coming artists and some of the newest house music tracks. He continues to dominate the music world further with signing to world renown CR2 Records and the founding of DVR (Dgtl Vision Records).

With the official release of “Night & Day” coming this month, we sat down to chat with Sam Supplier about his music, Ibiza, and more. Listen to his album mix for Believe In The Kingdom and read on for our chat with his royal highness!

Watch the music video for Sam Supplier’s “Night & Day” on YouTube:

Let’s talk about your track “Night & Day”, which is due out on October 20 via Champion Records! What led you to working with the label on the release?

Basically, we had a mutual friend who said: “I really think you guys should all sit down and have a chat”. So I went into the Champion offices and played them some music, and as soon as they heard Night & Day they said “yeees, let’s do this!” and we signed a deal about 10 days later.

“Night & Day” is also primed for some solid remixes to complement the release. Is there a specific remix you’re excited for?

The remixes are amazing. I still find it weird when I hear someone else’s take on my music… Love it. Each mix is completely different: FooR is a straight-up garage vibe; Illyuos & Barrientos’ mix is more laid-back, cool house, and T2 is just bassline at its best.

The song itself has an Ibiza summer vibe to it. Was that from your personal experience on the island?

I do love Ibiza for sure… It’s one of the islands where people party in the day and then party in the night too, so yes – it definitely influenced the track a bit I’m sure, haha. It seemed only right that we film the music video out there as well, which was so much fun.

Speaking of Ibiza, you performed for the third time at Ibiza Rocks this year. What keeps you coming back year after year?

I Love Ibiza Rocks, everything about it is just fun. The crowds are fun, the staff is fun, it’s a real sick place to play. You’re guaranteed a good time in Ibiza, whatever music you’re into.

Your radio show at Rinse FM features some of your exclusive content as well as some new talent. How do you discover music to play out during the show?

I get inboxed so much stuff and often while driving I’ll flick through as much as I can to see if there are any gems. A few of the guys I’ve signed to my label literally just inboxed my Facebook, and I was like “this track is a monsta”. 

You’ve played shows across the globe and can still work as a Radio Host, Remixer, Label Owner, Promoter, and Producer. What is your secret to handling all of those roles?

[Laughs] That’s a good question. In the past, I kinda worked really hard all winter preparing everything for the mad summer months, if that makes sense? But where my career has leaped up so much in last 6 months, I think I’m struggling to do that, so something might have to give!

Spinning hundreds of gigs this year alone, how do you keep yourself healthy while on the road?

I’d love to give you a great healthy answer to this but I actually don’t have one. I’m at a stage where I need to get healthy – I travel the world partying for a living, literally sleeping when I’m tired, eating when I’m hungry. I should be 20 stone and spotty.

Clearly, you have tremendous drive and passion for music to be so involved in the scene. Was a career in music always your goal, and where do you draw your musical inspiration from?

My Dad is a drummer in all different bands, as I kid I used to go to his gigs and stand on the side of the stage and watch him playing to huge crowds. I didn’t know it at the time but I suppose that got into my system or something haha. Then from the age of 15 this is all I’ve wanted to do. I used to go up on all the London pirate radio stations trying to create a name for myself. I then discovered how to really make money from the scene and now I literally have the best career, I feel so lucky and it just keeps rising.

Finally, what are your favorite pizza toppings?

If I’m performing somewhere, I really don’t want bad pizza breath so I’ll happily go with simply cheese. If it’s a Sunday night / Monday morning and I’m dying a death from the weekend, then give me the meatiest, spiciest, garlic bad boy on the menu!!

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