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Get the lowdown on rising star King Arthur!

Since launching his career, King Arthur has been on a serious rise to royalty in the electronic music scene. He’s graced the stage at festivals around the world with a kingdom now reaching from Tomorrowland in Belgium to STORM Festival in Asia, and his presence continues to grow with each passing year.

Taking the stage at world renowned events fit for a king is just one part of the story, though, as his music also brings the heat and gets dancefloors grooving out as well. Back in 2016, King Arthur dropped album Believe In The Kingdom on Don Diablo‘s HEXAGON label which was well received, and alongside quality remixes his beats have begun to infect the world.

Coming off yet another stellar summer, we sat down to chat with King Arthur about his music, playing the main stage at Tomorrowland, and more. Listen to his album mix for Believe In The Kingdom and read on for our chat with his royal highness!

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Hello and thanks for chatting with us! First and foremost, how has your summer been this year?

Been a good and busy summer. Lots of show and I’ve been working on a lot of new music that I’m excited to share with the world soon.

Back in July you played the Main Stage at Tomorrowland! Were you nervous before taking the stage for the set, and what was your favorite part about playing the festival?

I wasn’t nervous. I was lucky to even play at all because the weather was so bad. The stage production wasn’t working and it was so cold and raining so hard. It was still such an honor to play on the most prestigious stage in all of dance music!

You’ve been playing sets at the STORM Festival Series in Asia, is there a different approach you have in that scene compared to other places?

My approach is the same. Be me! I play all of my music and have a great time doing it in Asia. People seem to really be into it. Fans have started bringing King Arthur flags to my shows, which was such a cool surprise.

Just found out that over a million people watched the livestream of my closing set at @storm_festival Changsha!!!

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Having just released a massive remix of “There For You” last month, what led to you putting your spin on the tune?

I heard the song and thought there were some cool elements to it. I had this clubby track for ages that I had been playing out but wasn’t 100% convinced with yet and thought they two could go really well together. So they sent over the parts and I reworked things a bit and that was the remix!

Last year you released album Believe In The Kingdom on Don Diablo’s HEXAGON label, what was it been like working with that team on the release?

It was really cool to put an album out. It was a dream of mine. Don was just super supportive and loved what I was doing and thought the album was great so we should do it.

Are there any upcoming releases or shows that you can share with our readers?

A lot of things I can’t mention yet until I have official release dates.

What has been your biggest struggle that you have faced? Additionally, what has been your favorite moment so far?

The biggest struggle has been balancing songs and dancefloor material. I love writing songs, but songs don’t always work on the dancefloor. I hate the idea of only taking snippets of a great song to use for a clubbier record just so it will work better in the club. It’s a tough situation I find myself in a lot.

My favorite moment is getting to travel to so many new countries and cities because of music. Places I had never dreamed of ever going become places I have fans and get to play music for them. The reach the music has is unreal.

King Arthur

If you had to pick a job outside of the music industry, what would it be and why?

I’d want to do something in sports. College Gameday on ESPN. I’m obsessed with college football!

Finally, what toppings make up your ultimate slice of pizza?

Just depends on the day, but you can never have too much cheese!

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