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The Raver Stories Project

Michael Tullberg’s The Raver Stories Project is available to purchase now!

The Raver Stories Project is available on Amazon now, grab your copy today!

Dance music historians rejoice! You can now pick up your very own copy of Michael Tullberg’s book The Raver Stories Project. Focusing on the aspect of the scene that has little seen little acknowledgment over the years, this book takes stories from ravers, festival-goers, and electronic music lovers of all types to show off the love and passion they have. These stories range from trips to Burning Man to dancing under the electric sky at the Electric Daisy Carnival, with some club nights and warehouse parties as well.

Having his own deep roots in the electronic music scene through photography, Michael Tullberg has really hit the mark with this new project. He has worked with countless magazines ranging from URB to Mixer in the past and continues on his mission of preserving the real history of this radical movement in the pages of The Raver Stories Project. His past release, DanceFloor Thunderstorm, focused on his own personal stories, chats, and photography in the scene, which is definitely worth picking up for the amazing photos included alone.

Join other members of the scene at The Raver Stories Project Launch Party on September 8 in Downtown Los Angeles, details can be found on their Facebook Event!

We had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss DanceFloor Thunderstorm and the scene with Michael during EDMbiz last year. During the chat, he dug deep into his own experiences at events, while also expressing his concerns about the mainstream media and the scene itself. Tullberg’s dissatisfaction with the mainstream media’s perception of dance music and raving spurred him to create a positive view of the scene, and thus brought forth ‘The Raver Stories Project.’

“There’s never been an American book about electronic music like this one. Never before have fans of electronic music banded together to tell their stories of what the rave scene is really like, and why it means so much to them. For the first time, their voices can now be heard as a legitimate and productive counter to the negatively-tinged narrative found in much of the mainstream media.”

-Author, Michael Tullberg

Get a taste of what’s inside with these quotes from The Raver Stories Project:

“When I got back to my classes early Monday, I tried to carry on as if my life had not just been altered forever.”

“At the time, we didn’t realize that we were creating history. We were doing this out of pure love and we were just riding the wave that we helped create.”

“Out of the ashes came even larger parties, with thousands of people seeking the allure of the underground experience, now seductively taboo like the speakeasies of the Jazz Age. Parties now had an element of rebellion against the system that sought to end them.”

“Was this real life? How could this be real? It was like time had stopped, everyone around me had a gigantic smile on their face, and in that moment I realized that I never wanted to leave.”

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