Pretty Lights USB 2.0 Surfaces With Unreleased Tracks!

Pretty Lights USB 2.0
Calling all Pretty Lights Fans, a second USB stick has surfaced with more unreleased jams!

Earlier this summer, Pretty Lights, aka Derrick Vincent Smith, announced that he would be sending out USBs to a few lucky fans while simultaneously announcing his Red Rocks show slated for August 11-12. As Smith is gearing up for his Episodic Festival Premiere at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington he decided to do it again. Entitled Pretty Lights USB 2.0, the playlist features 16 tracks total, many of which are unreleased.

The playlist is loaded with remixes from artists like The Roots and Blind Melon and features a remix of a Pretty Lights original, “Wrong Platform”, featuring the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. In total, there are seven tracks that Smith has previously showcased, while the other nine have never been released. These unreleased tracks have a diverse range in tempo but have that classic Pretty Lights sound that has enticed fans over the past decade.

Entrusting a few fans with the USBs after his performance at 400 Fest in Indianapolis. A SoundCloud account under the name ‘Pretty Lights Rarities’ emerged today quickly gaining popularity and released the songs that were featured on the USB 2.0. All in all, this is a pleasant surprise that is sure to get Pretty Lights fans excited for the season two premiere. So while you are waiting for Episodic Festival Season Two make sure to give these tracks a listen!

Stream the Pretty Lights USB 2.0 Playlist on SoundCloud:

A download of the playlist is available via Google Drive!

Pretty Lights USB 2.0 – Tracklist:
  1. Don’t Ask
  2. Wrong Platform (Remix)
  3. Coast To Coast
  4. Dub Streets
  5. Space Odyssey
  6. It’s All Because Of You
  7. Reunion
  8. Mrs Jones
  9. Happy Gangs
  10. So Gangster
  11. Don’t Cost You Nothing
  12. Yesterday, In The Zoo
  13. Souvenir Des Temps
  14. Through The Waves
  15. Make It To The Top
  16. No Blind Rain

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