Every so often I fall into someone I’ve literally never been exposed to.  The talented EMBRZ is one of those artists, and I’m surprised it took me so long to find.

Thanks to the recent release of his debut Extended Play, Progress, on Ultra Music, I can now say his talented style is in my head and heart.  At 25 years old, Jack Casey, the true name of producer EMBRZ, is a sublime breath of fresh air from the banging beats I so often hear.  The Progress EP is a stunning mix of electronic beats, moody melodies, and some great vocals. Let’s take a deeper look at the release below!

First up is the most hyped track on the Progress EP, “Higher.”

Blending fluttering synth work with a post-break lead straight from a Porter Robinson track, “Higher” will not doubt garner plenty of attention.  The vocals also play well with the wet, moody atmosphere of the track.  Mix in well-timed builds, a piercing secondary lead, and the haunting line “Stay Close To Me / And Don’t Let Go,” and blend it so smoothly together you’ll likely think Summer is now Winter… well, you get the idea.

Joining “Higher” on the EP is “Heartlines” which features vocals from Meadowlark.

The video, which is below, serves as a preamble to the “Higher” video.  The vocals flow in a sort of Hillsong style – easy, uplifting and meaningful.  The track is notably brighter than “Higher” as well.  The beat oozes a familiar two-step, and the bass playfully tugs at your feet.  “You could have been somebody else but I see you for the first time. I notice trembling in your heart lines, but I know that you won’t fight now” is instantly familiar despite being delivered in a new way by Meadowlark.  Enjoy the journey here.

Two original works follow these two stars, “Black Hole” and “Kido.”

“Black Hole” offers up male vocals, and provides an assurance that he’ll keep you safe from the black hole of your darkest night.  The track’s a bit simpler than the other two, but it offers plenty of reflection.

Flip the script and you get “Kidō.”

The Asian influence is notable immediately with how the melody plays out.  The bass reverberates with simplicity and depth.  Sans vocals, “Kidō” offers a glimpse into the impeccable instrumentation EMBRZ pulls together in his works.  With percussion that fits easily into the track’s title motif, and the filtered synth elements showcasing restraint, “Kidō” is a gem in hiding.

Closing the EP is “Fire” with pennybirdrabbit.

A decidedly chill track, with a mixture of Trap and Future House motifs, “Fire” offers low tempo breakbeats and a sultry vocal line that proudly proclaims, “When you fight with me, you fight with fire.”  Retriggered effects imbue a sense of harried tempo that upswells the energy when compared to the other tracks on the EP.

Progress truly showcases what developing talents are up to in the Electronic Music sphere right now – pushing boundaries while honing sensibilities.

EMBRZ crafted this fine addition to a surprisingly developed sound pallet. Nothing less than strong execution gets noticed on the market today, and I see no reason that this EP won’t be noticed.  There is no-doubt plenty of room for this rising talent to grow and show progress to the scene as a whole.

If you enjoyed the EP as much as I did, I suggest picking up a copy via this link.

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