Global Dance Festival Rides & Attractions

Getting excited for Global Dance Festival? Be prepared and check out all the fun attractions they are bringing this year!

With Global Dance Festival only a week away the excitement is mounting and so is the stress of what to do. Denver is an incredible city with a lot to offer so we gave you some ideas of what to do on the outside. That being said it’s time to talk about what kinds of attractions you can be involved with on the inside. If you were there last year, you know there wasn’t the same kind of space available at Red Rocks Amphitheater. This year at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium they are pulling out all the stops and have added some really cool features. Whether you’re interested in engaging art, arcade games, silent discos, rides, or maybe you just came for the food trucks this event truly will have it all.

Don’t let all the bells and whistles convince you. Check out the full lineup and have a listen to our playlist of the festival’s artists to really get a feel for what you should be getting into!

Two-Day and Single-Day Passes are still available HERE!

Things To Do Inside Global Dance Festival

 Global Dance Festival Art Installations
Art Installations

For their 15th anniversary, Global Dance Festival has invited artists to submit their visual and interactive art to be a part of the #GDF17, immersive experience. The art will help transform the Sports Authority Field at Mile High into a wonderland of activity and beauty. There will be specific pieces for both day and night. So while you’re between sets or walking from stage to stage, remember to take some time and admire the beauty and work of the artists.

global dance festival silent disco
Silent Disco

The Global Dance Festival take on a silent disco is actually called the Amazon Disco. The area will provide an immersive silent disco experience and will feature multi-channel performances from various artists. Be prepared to listen to a plethora of genres and escape to a tranquil jungle of beats. Clear your mind or just come watch people dance, either way, you will not be bored.

global dance festival arcave

When I first read this I thought, “there’s no way…”, however, I assure you it is happening. A full on arcade in the Arcave for FREE. Hidden away from the heat of the sun, the Arcave will be the perfect place to take a break from the crowd. Enjoy getting lost in the virtual world before going back out to enjoy more Global fun. The games included will be: Asteroids, Tron, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac Man, Q*bert, Tempest, Pac-Man, Punch Out, Mortal Kombat, Galaga, Fix It Felix Jr., Star Wars, Tapper, Dragon’s Lair

global dance festival #FoodTruckLane
Food Trucks

I think we can all agree that festival food is both unique and quite frequently some of the most delicious dishes we eat. Once you’ve built up some hunger from dancing in the day time, it will be time to fill your belly with some tantalizing food selections. New to Global Dance Festival this year will be #FoodTruckLane. If you have some hefty dietary requirements feel free to check out each of the truck selections:  Barbed Wire ReefChuey Fu’s Latin Asian GrubGyros King, Happy Cones CoMaine Street BBQThe Orange CrunchRoll It Up Sushi, Sebastian’s La Cocina and Sunshine Bowls

global dance festival carnival rides

Global Dance Festival is bringing a whole new adventure to the event. They are bringing some of the best and biggest carnival rides and all of it will be FREE. From the fast and furious Sky Fire to the thrilling Freak Out, you’ll definitely get your adrenaline fix. Then take a ride on the spinning Orbit, the twisting and screaming Tornado, or the high rising Genesis to really look your fears in the face. Finally, last but certainly not least, take a ride on the sky towering Ferris Wheel for the best view of the main stage and the downtown skyline for that picture perfect moment. A way to never forget your time spent at the Global Dance Experience.

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