“The Gene Sequence” Receives Massive Remix From Elephunk

Barclay Crenshaw The Gene Sequence Elephunk Remix

Elephunk just remixed Barclay Crenshaw’s hit track, “The Gene Sequence” in the best way possible!

There are some artists and songs out there that are pretty tricky to remix. Mostly because the original by the artist is done so well, however, when you find a great remix to an awesome original it’s pretty rare. Yet this is exactly what Elephunk just did with his remix of Barclay Crenshaw’s masterful tune, “The Gene Sequence”.

Elephunk, real name Dylan Karakas, has produced music for quite some time. He put it all on the line when he left his desert home to pursue a career in music production and his next stop was the famed Icon Collective in Los Angeles. Over the next four years, this young 22-year-old crafted an incredible sound for himself while furthering his overall knowledge in music production. His style is old-school meets new school in a sense that his music brings a nostalgic feel of older dance music, but combines it with a lot of the elements of new school electronic music. For such a young guy, he’s really accomplished a lot in a short time.

His astounding remix to Barclay Crenshaw‘s “The Gene Sequence” is the latest release on the table. He keeps the main components from the original track, but really turns it upside down and creates an entirely new soundscape. The drop on this new remix is a dark, bass-heavy house drop that just puts you in a state and makes you want to dance. The song breaks down into a half-time trap second drop and then rebuilds beautifully back into the house version for the third and final drop of the song.

Overall, this remix is pretty great and I’m more than excited to listen to new stuff from Elephunk! What are your thoughts on the remix?

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