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In our final interview of The Chronicles series, we look at where ARUNA sees her future.

The Chronicles is a focused look into talent over the years – individuals that have left a stamp on the industry.

For our first ever dive into The Chronicles, we are featuring a truly talented soul in dance music history. ARUNA, born Aruna Beth Abrams, resides in Los Angeles, California and has been a part of the music scene since 2007, where she launched her career as a vocalist.

In this section, we dive into discussions regarding “The Future” – an engaging discussion around all things regarding her future and where she sees the greatest challenges on the horizon, what advice she has for newcomers to the industry, and some personal tidbits about opportunities for experiences.

As a reminder, you can catch Part I (The Person) and Part II (The Industry) by clicking on the respective link to the left to catch up on the conversation.

Now that you’ve sunk your teeth into Drum & Bass, what are you most excited for in a new genre?

Variety, variety and variety! One of the main reasons I had to get out of trance is because it’s so constrictive in terms of tempo, texture and form. I need to be able to express myself throughout the full spectrum of my emotions, whether that shows up as 70 BPM or 170 BPM. Also now that I am producing I’m really eager to explore creating all kinds of sounds, not just saw pad stacks, plucks and lead lines.

What is the greatest strength you would remind someone starting to have as a person who works in the music industry?

Does it have to be just one? There are so many requisite skills and personality traits that have to come together, like some sort of alchemy to create success. I think amongst the most important is knowing how to communicate effectively, and probably even more important than that is being aware of your thoughts, particularly the negative and self-defeating ones and knowing how to intervene with them and direct them in an empowering way. It’s been proven over and over that your thoughts shape your life. If your thoughts aren’t going in the right direction, your life won’t either. For me at least, my faith has been incredibly helpful in this area.

Given the opportunity, where would you love to explore in the world that you’ve yet to musically?

I want to say Miami and Ibiza just because they’re both such hotspots but truth be told I don’t think I’d resonate with the vibes of either place. I’ve heard really good things about Goa, that seems much more up my alley.

Where would Aruna resonate best?


Where do you hope to be as a person and creatively as an artist by this time next year?

I would like to continue improving my skills as a producer, also getting faster, speeding up my workflow; I get really frustrated with how long it takes me to get something sounding good. If I could produce a track a month by next year I’d be very happy. I’d love also to get my touring up and running again, something I think that will come as I continue to establish myself in the bass music world. The two drum & bass tracks I released on Monstercat were definitely a good start.

Personally I’m in the process of looking to purchase a home, something that’s become increasingly important to me. I definitely want to have that sorted by this time next year. I also started going to yoga a lot more frequently and I’m looking to continue to evolve and advance my practice, as well as get back into hip hop dance which I had to stop after I sprained my ankle last year. Lastly I would like to be off all the medication I’ve been on since my episode in 2014 and to continue to cultivate a sense of peace, gratitude, joy and connection with others and God on a daily basis. Oh yeah… and having an amazing man in my life wouldn’t hurt either. 😉

Curious about ARUNA’s tracks on Monstercat? Check them out below!


We’ve gotten through who ARUNA is as a person, and how she interacts with the industry as whole. Finally, we hit the end of the record by discussing where she sees her future.

Here at EDM Identity, we like to provide our audience with a variety of looks at the individuals that make up the electronic dance music community.  From ID Spotlights to In-Depth Interviews, we strive to weave the stories of the community we love to be a part of.  In keeping with this tradition, we are providing The Chronicles.

As we wove through the tale of ARUNA, we hope you’ve enjoyed the inside look into the industry and ARUNA as a person.  There’s no doubt they have a broad story to tell, so we break it down into three focused areas for your consumption: The Person – a look back into who they are and what they did that got them moving, The Industry – a look at what they are up to today and what they are diving into throughout the industry, and The Future – a gaze into the crystal ball of where they are headed and what they see on the horizon.

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