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Since we last spoke, Audien has been busy continuing to build a name for himself.

Hailing from the small town of Mystic, Connecticut, Nathaniel Rathburn is now better known as Audien. The young producer and musician has been a rising star of the EDM community since 2009. Since releasing his first track, “Rise & Shine,” he has worked with many well-known music labels and even got nominated for a Grammy in 2015. He just recently wrapped up his “Feels Trip Tour,” which was extremely well received. Personally, I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw him at Nocturnal Wonderland in 2014. He was one of the first EDM artists whose music truly moved me and gave me an escape from reality. He will always hold a special place in my heart, so I was thrilled to be able to catch up with him.

Listen to Audien’s “One More Weekend” on SoundCloud:

You’ve come quite a far way from your first single “Rise & Shine”. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since then?

I’ve learned that I can’t please everybody musically and that it’s okay to take risks. I’ve also come to appreciate the spirit of collaboration more than I might have earlier in my career. While I have a lot of faith in my own musical instincts, I’ve become increasingly amenable to the opinions of those around me, and others in the creative community.

Your latest release “One More Weekend” featuring MAX was very successful, will we be seeing more collaborations on your next releases?

I’m certainly excited about One More Weekend – and I think we are just getting started on how far that one will go. For my next trick, I’ve got a collaboration with 3LAU coming down the line. We’ll be performing together a bit more as well – doing a few select B2B sets.

Who are some other vocalists or musicians that you would like to collaborate with?

This isn’t exactly a list of obscure choices, but Drake & Ryan Tedder come to mind at the moment.

What inspired the name of your Feels Trip tour?

I’ve always said that I strive to make melodic & uplifting music. Music that makes you feel a certain way. It’s hard to articulate exactly what way – but you know when you know. It’s the feels.

Your music has undergone a transformation as of late. What has inspired this change and is it what we can expect from future releases?

Well, I’m inspired by a variety of artists and styles as a listener, and I would hate to pigeonhole myself as only one type of producer. I get off on experimenting and challenging myself. So, I guess you expect more changes. That’s not to say I will abandon certain sounds, it’s just that I won’t limit myself.

So much of your music evokes emotions on many different levels. When you’re in the studio producing do you know the direction the song is taking before you start or is it always a surprise?

I’ll generally start with chord structure and melodic idea – and that rarely changes once I have it locked in. But, finding sounds is where it gets interesting – the right sound can bring a whole new meaning to a production.

Will you be releasing anything on the Anjunabeats label?

It’s never out of the question. I have so much love for Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats, and the Anjuna community in general.

What’s one thing you hope fans take away from your music?

I hope fans can turn to my music to escape.

Photo Credit: Katy Redell
What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not in the studio?

I’m all over the place but it might surprise some people to know that I have a deep love for hip-hop.

You have performed at quite a few festivals over the years. Is there festival or venue you haven’t played yet but would like to?

I’d have to say Coachella is on the bucket list. Red Rocks would be pretty killer as well.

Thanks again for working with us!

Thank YOU guys!

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Featured Photo Credit: Katy Redell

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