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In honor of Eric Prydz at Factory 93 this weekend in Los Angeles, we bring you one of his most famous tunes!

With all the different labels and genres that Eric Prydz makes, it’s hard to pick a favorite Prydz record. One of his most memorable records is “Call On Me”. This track is special not only for its progressive house sound that nods to the 1980s culture but has one of the most evocative music videos ever. A video featuring several 80s Flashdance dressed women and one guy doing “aerobics” with random booty shots. Essentially this video would be the answer to those wondering how people danced before twerking became a thing.

The vocals of Steve Winwood’s 1982 song “Valerie” is retained then synced with Prydz’s addition of dancefloor beats. The song starts slowly with the infectious chorus faintly playing and then picking up in the song with the volume of the vocals coming in during the chorus. The transformation from “Valerie” to “Call On Me” is a prime example of how versatile music is. Rappers tend to sample from other Rappers to make their own track. So it is a joy to see as well that artists of other genres can mix up an original track and transform it. Fun fact:  “Call On Me” is sampled on Chris Brown’s “Pass Out” featuring Eva Simmons.

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Despite “Call On Me” being one Prydz’s most popular records, he hasn’t played the song live since 2005. In a way, he retired the song from his DJ sets but that never stopped a myriad of other artists from playing it. To this day, the song has been found on the tracklist from performances by Party Favor to Axwell ^ Ingrosso. “Call On Me” was released in September 2004. The longevity of this track reminds me of Daft Punk’s One More Time, which has never retired from anyone’s playlist. “Call On Me” is just one of those tracks that will keep you dancing no matter what year it is. A song with its 80s like sound and catchy chorus that you didn’t know you wanted to listen to until it magically gets played at your favorite festival or event. The song also makes for a great addition to your workout playlist.

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