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OmegaMode has dominated the bass music scene in Seattle as of late, and the skills he has behind the decks and in the studio definitely prove he is primed for lift-off. Based on an otherworldly, alien-like sound, OmegaMode is constantly evolving into that futuristic vibe that will blast you off to outer space. Whether you hear it in the extensive experience in music production and engineering or played out in his sets, this artist is one to keep your ears on in the bass music scene in 2017. Coming to you from the Pacific Northwest, the world is already tuning into his spacey sound. If his music isn’t enough, then support from the likes of Borgore, Getter, and more should really tip the scales and have you turning up the bass.

OmegaMode will be performing at Lakehurst Event Center in Waukegan, IL on April 14. Click HERE for details!

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“Heaven Fall” is a simply massive tune that interlaced retro wave synth vibes with a bassline that is infectious, what has the reception of the track been so far by fans?

So far I think that it’s been a decent tune for people’s ears, but I would like to mention that it isn’t your usual composition for a dubstep tune. People have had some negative remarks, but I feel that’s what breaks me apart from the other artists. Always trying to innovate my sound.

Every time I listen to one of your tracks I find myself falling in love with some new element that I didn’t catch the first time. How do you keep your tracks so dynamic?

I generally stray away from copying myself a lot. Always throw in elements that I feel are intricate and deep. Most won’t know that there are hidden sounds in the music. If there isn’t depth to the music then I feel like it’s just been thrown together and you slam the word “banger” on it.

“Killer Robot” was a track you teased around a year ago on SoundCloud. Were you actually just messing around or is that something you intend on completing to create a full tune in the future?

Honestly, I was just messing around and decided to see what people’s reactions to it would be. It definitely wasn’t something I would normally produce but It was fun for a good minute. I may touch back on that tune and/or style soon.

Where is a dream venue that you haven’t played yet but would like to in the future?

The Gorge (Paradiso) for sure. With anything that large I would love to fill people’s heads with heavy god-like bass music.

Your style is so unique compared to many other dubstep artists currently out there. What led to the development of your sound?

Sound… hmm. Well, I’d listen to many artists before I knew about dubstep and was always curious about the simple sounds, but when I heard of Caspa, Rusko, Datsik and Excision I jumped into a whole new frame of mind. Of course, Skrillex pushed the boundaries so I had been influenced not particularly by his sound design but by his willingness to be innovative. I’d have weeks where I wasn’t actually producing songs and it literally was just sound design. I still have “sound design weeks”. It’s good practice and you can definitely tell of the finished production. I think the thing that has helped me stand out is good imagination and bringing it to life within the sounds. Anything alien related pushes my boundaries.

What was the first track or artist you remember listening to that got you into dubstep?

“Excision & Datsik – Swagga”, for sure is one of the first tunes I listened to that pulled me into the dubstep arena. I still play this out in fact.


Do you feel the dubstep scene in Seattle differs much compared to other cities?

Yes, and I feel most places are widely different in preference to styles of dubstep as well. Seattle has a huge bass scene, and I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with it.

Let’s talk about AlienTribe. Where does the story begin with that Imprint? What is it’s mission?

Alien Tribe is a collective at first glance, but its main goal has always been to familiarize alien/space related artists with one another and collide abstract outer worldly ideas. There is much more to the backing of Alien Tribe as far as the story goes, but let’s just say that it has the potential to be more of a comic book style situation with the artists involved. I plan to push the Artists to have a strong character or persona that will drive you to love them as if you love your favorite Spider-man Hero. My persona plays a huge part in that.

If you could travel anywhere in outer space, where would you go and why?

Firstly I’d like to stop off at Mars. Just to hear the silence see the mountain ranges, see myself leave a footprint behind. It would be a dream come true. Next, I would like to venture out into our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Leaving earth, sounds so good to me at times.

What is in store for fans of OmegaMode and AlienTribe this year? Any shows we can catch you at on the horizon?

Just recently got my head out of some funk and I feel more than powerful enough to lay it down. Alien Tribe has just released a new track by a new artist that goes by Nanomake. I hope to see more creamy demos roll through that way we can build like-minded content together. It’s going to be a long road ahead but I can see this turning out quite well.

Catch OmegaMode in Illinois on April 14!

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