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Category: Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight || Suicide Girls Co-Founder, Missy Suicide!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Co-Founder of the Suicide Girls, Missy Suicide, ahead of the upcoming Blackheart Burlesque Tour which kicks off April 13 in San Diego! Over the past 15 years, the Suicide Girls have pushed forward a message of body positivity, acceptance, and have helped change the way the world has seen beauty. You probably know them, and if you don’t, we highly suggest checking out the work that they’ve done. The tastefully nude pin-up style that had all but disappeared from the world has come back in full force since the turn of the...

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Industry Spotlight || Anthony Garcia

The unsung heroes of events are those who work behind the scenes to give us epic experiences, so today EDM Identity is proud to shine a light on a member of the industry, Anthony Garcia! When chatting about events or giving a full on event review, one of the many things that are commonly discussed is the production. The lights, sounds, lasers, and decor all go into making an event or festival seem like a magical wonderland. All of these things are elements that blend together and yet what many people seem to forget is that there are dedicate...

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