The enigmatic force, Tokyo Machine, is back with an amazing new track, “BLAST”!

Tokyo Machine has been releasing incredible track after incredible track as of late. The bass house producer’s most recent installment, “Blast”, is no different. This 8-bit/chiptune inspired track is dripping with Kawaii goodness that is sure to be a hit on the dancefloor. As I listened to the track, it was evident that he was inspired by Video Game Music.  Through “Blast”, Tokyo Machine embraces his identity as a gamer. He also introduces listeners to some of his favorite imaginary monsters shown on the cover art. On the track, he hopes to crush the notion that gaming is a means of escape. Instead, he wants listeners to realize that games allow people to create a reality to be enjoyed on their own terms.

Who is Tokyo Machine? Well, he is quite a mystical individual. He has managed to keep most of his personal life and background a secret, which is definitely a feat in the day and age. Instead of revealing details about himself, he would rather fans base their impressions of him from his music and corresponding images. While combining Japanese culture, old school video games, and a modern splash of bass music Tokyo Machine creates something we can all relate to.

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