Internet Friends

This week’s Throwback Thursday brings us back to a time when Knife Party ruled the EDM kingdom.

Let’s travel back in time to the year 2011. At the time, electro and dubstep were two of the genres that had everyone’s attention and ones that ravers gravitated to in hopes of satisfying their cravings for something heavy, hard, and mechanical. So it was no surprise that Australian dubstep/electro house duo Knife Party would be at the pinnacle of their success when they took to the studio to dish out a production both dripping in electro insanity with one hell of a lyric to accompany it. Of course, the piece that I am referring to is “Internet Friends”.

Released back in 2011 as the first single from the EP, 100% No Modern Talking this track really took the entire EDM community by storm. Knife Party is no stranger to dishing out some of the wildest electro bangers with heavy bass, some examples being “Destroy Them With Lazers”, “Rage Valley”, “Centipede”, and “Bonfire”, just to name a few. But there is something special about  “Internet Friends” that has made it one of those tunes that will forever remain one of the most celebrated and talked about electro tracks of all time. Maybe the lyrics have something to do with it?

As I listen to “Internet Friends” today I remember being in the middle of a crowd at EDC Las Vegas 2012. Now, to be honest, I can’t truly remember if I was at Knife Party’s set or at someone else set who decided to drop this insane piece of production gold but that really doesn’t matter. What I do remember is the rumble of the crowd reciting the lyrics, laughing and raging harder than I have ever experienced before as the sting of the beat that pierced through our ears. It was a glorious moment and one that reminds me of the impact that this track once had on our rave culture.

The combination of the common understanding about the drama that can be born on social media platforms and the hardcore rage vibes simply trumped everything else at the time. Not to mention that this is also a reflection of that period in history, as our culture was becoming “obsessed” (for lack of a better word) with Facebook. The stars aligned and “Internet Friends” took flight, and remains as one of the greatest Knife Party tunes ever released!

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Knife Party – “Internet Friends” Lyrics

Come now, surely we can be friends
I know so much about you
I love you
Look at everything I’ve done for you
You’d be nothing without meWhy don’t you answer me?
I bet you’re busy talking to some fucking slut
Fucking skank…
Is she hotter than me?
Would you fuck me?
Are you gay?

You blocked me on Facebook
And now you’re going to die

Now you’re going to die

You blocked me on Facebook

And now you’re going to die

Now you’re going to die

You blocked me on Facebook

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