The Launch || Volume 010

The Launch

Welcome to The Launch, EDM Identity’s weekly playlist series made up of fresh tracks that we love.

Music connects each and every one of us, whether you are listening to trance, house, dubstep, or any other genre, we are all one with the beat. Exploring new genres and a crucial element to falling deeper in love with music and opening doors to new experiences in life. Every week we will be taking you on a journey of musical discovery, highlighting five new tracks that we are currently tuned in to. This week’s edition of The Launch is presented to you by…Grant Gilmore.

Grant’s Blurb:

Putting this week’s edition of The Launch together was a difficult one. Why? Well, I’ve just been listening to set after set after set from Dreamstate SoCal and so my focus on singles has been minimized as of late. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t found some amazing diamonds in the rough! To me, this weekly playlist isn’t just for straight bangers from top-level talent. Sure, there will be a few names here and there that are big, but I also look at some of the smaller names or people who you may not already be familiar with to share those tracks with you too. Some of these artists have been featured here on EDM Identity, some have just come across my SoundCloud feed, and others are tracks that I’ve held onto for nearly a month just to share with you today. I hope that you enjoy this quick, five-track playlist, and maybe get to know a few of these artists along the way.

The Launch || Volume 010

Fahjah Mr Brightside Remix
5. Mr. Brightside (Fahjah Remix) – The Killers

Fahjah FacebookSoundCloud

We highlighted Fahjah a while back here on the site, and since then his releases have been nothing but magical. Usually focused on more of the progressive elements of house, I was happily surprised when he dropped a remix of “Mr. Brightside” but with a bit of a hardcore twist. I love the track from The Killers already, and this just brought proper rave elements to the tune.

Check out our spotlight on Fahjah HERE!

Point Point Power Remix
4. Power – Point Point

Point Point – Facebook | SoundCloud

Okay, yes, I know that Kanye West has gone through some problems lately, but that doesn’t mean that his past work is bad. Point Point took this track and put an epic spin on it. Featuring some glitchy trap elements, the melody of the track remains to keep you swaying while taking a breather from the onslaught of bass. It’s great how he was able to chop the chorus vocals into the track and blended it in perfectly to make this tune something else.

Supernatural (Cloudsz Remix)
3. Supernatural (Cloudsz Remix) – Boombox Cartel & Quix

Cloudsz –  Facebook | SoundCloud

Boombox Cartel and Quix teamed up on the original version of this track, and with its powerful beat and fantastic vocals from Anjulie I figured that no remix would overtake it as a favorite. Well, that is when I heard the remix from Cloudsz and was left stunned. Bringing elements I would expect to hear from an artist like Flume or RL Grime, this future trap remix is one that has stuck with me over the course of the month.

Shelter Mat Zo Remix
2. Shelter (Mat Zo Remix) – Porter Robinson & Madeon

Mat Zo –  Facebook | SoundCloud

Love him or hate him, Mat Zo is definitely one hell of a versatile artist. While he may have been outspoken on social channels, and has definitely made his fair share of haters over the years, tracks and remixes like this keep me coming back for more. If you’re like many other people I know, you’re already in love with the original version of “Shelter”, but Mat Zo really brought some complexity to the tune that wasn’t there before. The track almost turns into an electronic rock ballad towards the end, so definitely check it out!

it's different x helen tell me
1. Tell Me  it’s different x Helen

it’s different –  Facebook | SoundCloud

This is my #1 track this week and honestly, I think this may be one of my favorite tracks to be released in 2016. The super chill future bass track is  The vocals from Helen make your head bob with the beat, almost as if she is toying with the track before it drops into the beat. Not to mention that the lyrics are pretty amazing in their own right and bring some amazing vibes with them. I personally cannot wait to see what is in store for its different going forward into 2017 and beyond, hopefully there will be more quality release like this one!

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