After All

SLANDER and YOOKiE’s gigantic tune finally makes its debut on Never Say Die Records, listen to “After All” today!

The beauty of dance music is that there is no clear hierarchy system. Yes, there are producers and DJs that are more “famous” than others and have a bigger following, but overall it is just one big community of musicians helping each other out. Bringing equal efforts to the studio, SLANDER, YOOKiE and Jinzo shine bright on their single “After All” out on Never Say Die Records.

SLANDER has been a widely successful duo ever since they won Insomniac’s Discovery Project a few years back. Since then they have went on massive tours both within the States and internationally. They also have teamed up with NGHTMRE for a tour called Gud Vibrations. For their newest track they have teamed up with YOOKiE and Jinzo and the result is an incredibly gigantic collab that is sure to tear stadiums apart.

YOOKiE is comprised of brothers Christopher and Anthony Alfaro. They have grown their fanbase tremendously through a slew of songs filled with unique drippy and disgusting sound design. Further their remix of “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” by Skrillex has really put them on the map. However they are still relatively new to the scene, compared to heavyweights like SLANDER.

Not much is known about vocalist Jinzo, but he has less than 500 SoundCloud followers and an impressive voice!

Stream SLANDER & YOOKiE – After All ft. JINZO on SoundCloud:

Been cracking skulls open with this for the past month! Now you can too!” – SLANDER

Super Pumped to release for the first time on NSD, it’s been dope working with SLANDER on this tune and we’re hyped to finally share it with the lovely people of the internetz!” – YOOKiE

I’ve followed YOOKiE for quite some time now and I was absolutely excited when I saw they had a collaboration with SLANDER. Some low quality videos began to surface of the song being played by people like Skrillex and Bassnectar, but listening to the final studio quality version is amazing! Jinzo’s voice really shines through and adds a very dreamy vibe. Pair that with YOOKiE’s sound design and SLANDER’s stellar trap production and you have a tremendous song.

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