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Apashe Copter Boy

Montreal-based producer Apashe has done it. The debut album ‘Copter Boy’ is phenomenal, and really fun to listen to. I think this album is a really big push for Apashe as an artist. He took the green light and floored it to create something creative and new. I really like the way ‘Copter Boy’ sounds, and the vibe he pushes for here really lays the foundation for him as an artist. If you want me to be specific, each song is like a vacation. It is clear that he really took his time and curated each track to have a certain feel while maintaining the overall sound that fans love from him. With ‘Copter Boy’ being so versatile, Apashe can really push a into whatever direction he wants with future releases too. The album contains elements of Hip Hop, Nerofunk and Electro, so it makes for a great album with tracks that can be played out to festival or club audiences. The release of this album also comes a world tour featuring dates all over the United States and Europe that kicks off on September 30th.

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Apashe Copter Boy Tour Dates

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Track 01 – Fuck Boy feat. Kandle

“Fuck Boy” really sets the tone of the album. The track begins with a really high-pitched air siren that leads into a really fun female vocal line. As it drops off it features a really high-pitched bass line, filled with technical instrumentation to back it as it almost wafts back and forth and back into a piano line. The vocals feel raw, they weren’t overly worked out and sound real and I like that type of feel. I also loved the almost glitchy instrumental in the background moving up and down into a steady base line. The track closes out as it began, with the opening horns and some drums.

Track 02 – “Bad Queens” feat. Gabriella Hook

I really enjoy how “Bad Queens” features an opening that reminds me of an intro that could be used as the opening of a retro club. The horn sample and how it moves up and down is probably my favorite part. Gabriella Hook’s voice feeds in great with this melodic line of bass with a lot of instrumentation. The track is similar to “Fuck Boy” in that regard, but has an overall hyped up feel for fans and audiences.

Track 03 – “Take Off” feat. Cherry Lena

I like the lead in for “Take Off” that has a high-pitched crisp line that partners with drums and a low voice that also matches up with a high set of female vocals by Cherry Lena. This track drops off into this drop that kind of reminds me of an old school dubstep track in that it kind of circles through itself. I also like that this track is continuous, it has movement within the track that keeps building itself back up till it concludes within itself. The vocals and beat are matched really well in this song, I love the feel of this track.

Track 04 – “King Fu” feat. Dabin & Kai Wachi

“King Fu” is incredibly anthemic. It has this almost imperial feel as the beat slowly shuffles itself into this mode that feels like it would be for the build of a modern-day horror trailer. The drop on this is fairly heavy and circulates with the initial intro of the track, I really enjoy that. Instead of this song being as technical as the first three it has more of bass line to it that almost takes you on a journey and moves you.

Track 05 – “Daydream” feat. Splitbreed

I like the opening lyrics to “Daydream.” It feels as if I’m at the concert and I’m being pumped up for Apashe to start playing. This track progressed fairly quickly, slows the vocals and thickens them to drop the track with a really catch back beat. “Daydream” has some nice rhythm to it and features the vocals “all I do is daydream.” This song pushes the album forward and I feel that this song brands the album because it makes you want to dance.

Track 06 – “Touchdown” feat. Panther

Touchdown” has an almost video game like quality to it with overture vocals that are really graft and electronic and move into a track with hip hop elements. The track has a really nice break where the beat pauses before it drops all down into a beat that is progressive and had the same video game like feel that the beginning did and it continues progress until which point it can’t because the song has to end.

Track 07 – “Jimmy Shake” feat. 740 Boyz & Dose

Jimmy Shake” is interesting because it moves forward with a horn and a beat that has trap-like qualities and moves into a really creative drop that feels like something I’d hear a pool party. This song is also anthemic in that it progresses up and has hip hop elements like “Touchdown” only it feels like something I’d chant at a concert that would be repeated back to me in the crowd. I really like the drop that eventually ushers the song into its conclusion.

Apashe Copter Boy

Track 08 – “Fire Inside” feat. Riot

Fire Inside” is almost like your slow beat that moves into your fancy bassline that reminds me of a track for an ad they would use for an alcohol promotion or a nightclub. I feel like the drops really high on itself. The track has hip hop elements but they aren’t as obvious as other tracks on the album, and it is more focused on a unique beat that almost reminds me of the same style beat I’d hear Burns use within his live shows.

Track 09 – “Unsafe” feat. Phace

“Unsafe” is great because the drums in it are left open ended. The thick beat combos with a drum line that reverbs and pushes itself into a pinching like bassline and moves into the drop really heavy. I think this song has the most dubstep elements to it on the album. I could easily see this song used as a transition within a live set that keeps the crowd moving but doesn’t stop to make any real connection and keeps itself upbeat.

Track 10 – “Putting on the Ritz” feat. Ariane Zita

“Putting on the Ritz” is probably the most unique song on the album. It features clips and bits that have been chopped from the beat of “Putting on the Ritz.” I like how Ariane’s voice moves into the track and how well it matches into the line he re styles to have it feel like an old school dance track from the swing area, it’s almost like swing bass and there is not really anything that is in its same range on the album.

Track 11 – “The Landing” feat. Wasiu

“The Landing” is the final track that Apashe has in store for us on the debut album, and with it he definitely delivers. This song was released initially before the album dropped and it’s really creative to have your best track at the end of ‘Copter Boy’. I think this was because then you know that after all the music you just heard that you get a clear and concise ending.

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