‘Insomniac Illustrated’ Comic Book Series

insomniac illustrated

Insomniac has launched an all new comic book series labeled ‘Insomniac Illustrated‘. The series surrounds all of the amazing things that Insomniac has to offer, including its culture and various festivals. It also captures the “headliners” who attend their events. Inside, it features photos that have been taken by the illustrator of the comic itself as well as the Insomniac photo team that display the art installations, moments, and everything beautiful that the festivals and events have to offer to its attendees. It’s a great way to look back and reminisce on the amazing memories made at a festival that you might have attended…or to see what you missed out on!

The first edition of the new comic series is seen through the eyes of a headliner and focuses on EDC Las Vegas 2016. It takes you through all of the beauty that EDC has to offer, capturing some key moments and memories of the event with gorgeous illustrations. We don’t want to reveal too much, so you’ll have to check it out yourself below!

Read Insomniac Illustrated Vol. 1 – EDC Las Vegas here:

Next up in Insomniac’s amazing new series will be Nocturnal Wonderland, set to occur this weekend. You could very well be featured in the next volume of the series! Stay tuned, because Insomniac isn’t stopping there. There are many festivals and volumes to come of this awesome series.

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